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Did you get the glam-tech dose with Neha Dhupia?

Shooting for magazine covers is something I love to explore, as it challenges my potentials to give something different from a limited platform.

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When I was asked to do cover shoot for Exhibit magazine and that to with sultry beauty Neha Dhupia, it posed extra challenge for me. The interesting part for me was to keep the seriousness of the tech-magazine alive but at the same time add a glam quotient to it with Neha.


Addition of tech prop came as an interesting idea to me which i executed in the final cover and now I feel it worked out fantastic. Experience of Neha as a model and actress helped us to achieve the dual expressive-glam look which justified the genre of the magazine. The inside images were played and over powered with glam poised look to make it more interesting.

375329_293985937307283_1056505667_nThe garments worked as true companion for the theme I wanted to work on. Most importantly, Neha who was intelligent and quick to understand my vision and turned out to be a great support during the shoot with her arresting look and charm.  What I like the most about Neha was her grasping power and then flavoring it with her spice of talent even in a cover shoot where you have limited scope to show your talent as a model. I must say that she is a genuine actor-cum-model who truly deserves the space that she holds in the industry. The style diva has more to get…Cheers to her success and certainly my shoot date with her..

And this is me, behind the scenes.
And this is me, behind the scenes.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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