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Basic and Advanced Photography Courses


To provide high-quality education and training in photography with Courses and Workshops designed to inspire, motivate and help our clients achieve their creative goals.

A fundamental principle of Praveen Bhat Photography is that people have the potential not only of success but also of fulfillment and greatness as creative individuals.

With Praveen Bhat Photography Institute, our vision is to be a trusted source and institute in photography education with knowledge and training, understanding and responding to customer needs with products and services that provide true value.

We strongly believe the learning process in photography is the best way to carve your niche in the world of photography.


Conventional educational methods often leave you having to remember the concepts you were taught or trying to figure out how to apply them however with Praveen Bhat Photography Institute method leaves you applying what you learned naturally and without effort as its very practical oriented and live experience-based.

Similar to anything you have already mastered, in our photography courses and workshops you learn by direct personal discovery. From this experience a new skill is yours forever.

The Praveen Bhat photography is more like coaching than teaching, which helps you to retain what you have learned and observed throughout the course.

Course Objective

A value and quality-centric beginner & advanced course for people who wish to learn the tact of photography and also like to master advanced photography. Foundation module is a short term course focusing on bringing out the photographer in enthusiasts and beginners. It will enhance your confidence to take a self-inspiring range of photographs in a variety of environments with an increased familiarity with the camera.

Courses and Curriculum

Basic Course
2 Months
Cost on request
Understanding Photography (What is photography)
Lenses types and uses
Basic Camera Settings
What is White Balance and uses
Why White Balance is Important
ISO/ Film Speed and uses
What is Aperture and its uses
What is Shutter Speed and uses
Understanding Exposure
Focusing - Manual & Auto-Focusing Right Technique
Natural Day Light Shooting
Types of Photography Lights
What is continuous and Flash Lights
What is Continuous and Flash Light and uses
How to shoot people Outdoor and Indoor
Photography Tour in Delhi ( Day and Evening)
Doubt Solving Session
Q/A Round
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3 Months
Cost on request
Introduction of Photography and Branches
Understanding Digital Camera and Formats
Types of Lenses
Creative Use of Lenses
Understanding Creative Shooting Modes in Camera
Importance of White balance
Creative uses of ISO for professionals
Creative uses of Apperture for Professionals
Creative uses of Shutter Speed for Professionals
Understanding Exposure
Relation between Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture
Understanding F Stops
What is Light and there types
Understanding Studio Lighting
How to use Strobes in Studio
How to use Light Modifiers,
Creating Mood Lights
Understanding Natural Lights
How to use Strobes in Outdoor Day Lighting
Understanding Natural and Artificial Light
How to use Reflector in Outdoor and Indoor
Creating Reflection Lights
Composition and Types
Understanding Rules and Composition
Understanding Breaking Rules of Composition
What is Focus
Creative use of Depth of Field
Creative Portrait Lighting Indoor and Outdoor
High Fashion Photography
High Fashion Photoshoot with Model
Portfolio Shoot
Table Top/ Product Photography
Food Photography
Studio Portrait Photography
Introduction of Model Make up/ Hair
Introduction of Portfolio/ Hi Fashion Wardrobe
Introduction of Pre Wedding/ Candid Wedding Photography
Photography Props
Street and People Photography
Grooming Visualization
How to Setup and Professional Studio
Everyday talk on work, Q/A Session
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Student Shoots

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