Best fashion photographer in India, Delhi

Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi NCR

Praveen Bhat strives to bring the best range of fashion photography since the inception. If you are looking for a fashion photographer in Delhi, you need to look no further, as our professional team has your back.

Our team is highly trained and skilled in fashion photography in Delhi NCR and has expertise in working with different clients from great segments of the industry. Our photographers closely work with the fashion stylists’ production team and other related teams to develop the best suitable photographs or images as required by the client. Team involvement plays a crucial role as it makes the complete process a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Our professional team members are perfectly synced with experts and have a very focused approach to using modern tools, software, and technologies to generate the best possible outcomes. Praveen Bhat is one of the best wherever clients can enjoy the optimum benefits of fashion campaign photo shoot production while being on their budget, keeping affordable expenses in their diary. Our team is one of the USP in our fashion photographer studios, where fashion photographers make all the efforts for minor or significant pre and post-production activities. We do everything, including color accuracy poster corrections, general makeup cleaning of the images, outdoor fashion shoot locations lighting decisions on the model, and much more.

The clients and the audiences ultimately receive our end-to-end approach. The approaches also enable us to focus more on our primary activities in the fashion campaign photo shoot. Whether online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, online websites, or national or multinational brands, fashion designers at Praveen Bhat look forward to offering our clients the best quality photoshoot results, rejoiced by their target audience.

But fashion photography services have usually required the sectors of clients’ businesses. We have a massive team of members with a spacious fashion photography studio in Delhi powered by the best cameras in the marketplace to focus on fashion photography.

You must connect with us and get going with your fashion photo shoot.

Best fashion photography services

Praveen Bhat has the best photographers with a lot of experience and modern fashion photography studios equipped with the latest technologies to offer the optimum results the clients demand.

We are one of the leading talented fashion photographers in Delhi, and we cater a high-quality range of services which includes skin retouching, blemish removal, poster corrections, and overall cleaning of the images, besides offering the best quality check.

On-premise fashion photoshoot


Our team will help you pick the perfect venue to meet your requirements for a premise location photo shoot. We can plan the complete process, which will be included in everything, like the date when your time for the best outcomes.

Outdoor fashion photo shoots


Being one of the famous fashion photographers in Delhi, we are specialized in outdoor photo shoots on location photo shoots across borders. We generally work outdoors to create the perfect footage that includes the wind, water, sunlight, and other nature-inspired picture shoots to generate realistic images.

Street fashion photoshoot

Street fashion is the new hottest trend which works more among influencers, bloggers, and fashion companies. You have to connect with our experts for street fashion photography if you wish to own some of the best footage.

Highlighting the fashion photo shoot campaign

Our team can create fashion photography campaigns where we highlight the required agent in the photo shoot project for brand representation to represent the modelling agents besides the fashion blogs. Whether it is fashion magazines devoted to catalogues for clothing brands or Amazon Flipkart Myntra and any other fashion items in the assorted structured form, you can connect with our experts at Praveen Bhat.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a personal fashion photographer in Delhi, then you can choose us as we have a lot of experience. Also, our team has been working with industry professionals and entrepreneurs for a long time. We are one of the famous photographers in India as our team uses the latest camera equipment and techniques. We ensure that the project is delivered on time. We also can film anything from single to huge groups. Hence when you choose us as your fashion photographer in India, you can turn your creative vision into reality.

Frequently asked questions

Praveen Bhat is the best fashion photographer in Delhi.

Praveen Bhat is the number one fashion photographer in Delhi.

If you are looking for the most famous photographer in Delhi, you need to look further, as Praveen Bhat is your go-to option.

Praveen Bhat is one of the best photographers in Delhi and an obvious name in Indian fashion photography. As one of the top fashion photographer he has created a reputation for being associated with photography for most popular brands, studios and models of both Indian and global acclaim. A true professional in work who is always ready to explore the imagination beyond the clicks and capture some really moving photos ever shot.

As one of the top fashion photographer he has been associated with most popular brands, studios and models of both Indian and global acclaim. A true professional in his work who is always ready to explore the imagination beyond the clicks and capture some really moving photos ever shot. He is direct and always well prepared with what he wants to achieve from each and every shoot.

Fashion has evolved and is still evolving and Praveen is matching it with his diverse photography skills. His vision of taking fashion photography to next level and uplift Indian fashion brand value globally has made him a prominent name in fashion, advertising and portfolio photography. Needless to say about his work with few of the best contemporary models. His style and approach to Indian model photography is very distinct and has invited several appreciations and critical acclaims too.

Praveen’s feat in Indian Model Photography has been remarkable. The background and foreground, the models and colors, the light and shades, he emphasizes on arranging things on getting best impact in the shoot with uniqueness. Some of the models he has been associated with have been global figures.

As one of the best fashion photographers in Delhi, he claims that fashion photography is mostly about getting a stunning effect from the model. Praveen Bhat photography has become a distinct feature of Indian fashion photography. His several fashion shoots for some of the biggest brands have been published in top fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Femina, Vogue and many more say it all. Read what the what the media has written about him here.