Praveen Bhat is among the best advertising photographers in Delhi, which makes him an expert in advertising photography. He claims that his experience as a fashion photographer has been crucial in helping him become successful in advertising photography, which is perhaps the most competitive types of photography.

A quintessential advertising photographer possesses the same basic knowledge of that of any other photographer but varies hugely in the responsibilities that he has to polish in the process. He needs to possess the ability to capture a certain subject which could be both living and non-living in such a way that it appeals its audience to give it a try.

He has been one of the top fashion photographers in India working from Delhi-Noida-NCR region for a long time . Praveen Bhat has shot some of the most popular advertisements for brands including Nikon Cool Pix, Ritu Wears, Graviera, CTC Plaza Imperia, Bridal Asia and Cotton County.