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Best Portfolio photographer in Delhi


‘He shoots what he wants, not what he gets’. He’s Praveen Bhat; undoubtedly the Best Portfolio Photographer in Delhi. As an aspiring model/actor, a modeling portfolio shoot in Delhi done by Praveen Bhat is the best platform to kick start your career with. Truly professional in his work, he has taken fashion photography to the next level. And the ‘art of seeing and composing beauty’ is evident in his modeling portfolio photography.
A good portfolio is your first step into the modeling or acting industry. It’s like a degree which showcases your looks and talent at a glance. With the experience and expertise of an excellent modelling portfolio photographer like him, you can take a big leap straight into this career.
Every effort is made in Praveen Bhat Studio to create a friendly and comfortable environment. Whether it’s a male modelling portfolio shoot or a female modelling portfolio shoot, interaction between the photographer and model is a must. The models are encouraged to review their shots from time to time so as to analyse and make improvements. The resultant array of expressions and poses is thus a beautiful piece of art.
A perfect combination of indoor and outdoor shoots promises an excellent portfolio covering all aspects of body shots and facial expressions. Rhythmic use of lights, hues and colour combinations give stunning effects to the photographs. Well versed precision of makeup and hairstylists give the needed finishing touch to both the male models and female models for portfolio shoot.
Over styling and extraordinary make-up with heightened use of photoshop is a big No No. Praveen insists on more natural and close to real life photos as demanded by the casting and modelling agencies. The overdone looks can astray your profile and can have a negative impact on selection. So, a well guided and instructed modelling portfolio shoot is a must.
The photographer first discusses various looks and poses with his model. He suggests variations in wardrobe, styles and expressions for a comprehensive acting/modelling portfolio.
Praveen Bhat’s portfolio photography stands out due to its distinctive features and is a promising career launch pad for youngsters.

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