Praveen Bhat is a reputed model photographer located in Delhi – Noida NCR region, especially known as the best male model photographer and best female photographer. People looking for photo studio near me can locate our fashion photography studio very easily . With his extensive experience he believes that visualisation beforehand is imperative for a beauty shoot as knowing the end results before capturing the image can work wonders.

Beauty photography as the name suggests accentuates on curves and shades which require glamorous shoots, enigmatic and affable disposition which there is no dearth of with Praveen Bhat. No wonder many rate him as the top male model photographer in Delhi. These photos photo has been published in the media by Praveen which can be read here.

Praveen is experienced and is quite popular in the domain of male model photographers in the beautiful photography and does his work with great devotion and sincerity. He seems to possess the perfect imagination required for top Female Models Photography. Operating from a sprawling studio covering two floors with varied set and a team of skilled make up artists who help in making the shoot come alive he can definitely be considered to offer desirable results.

What is Beauty Photography ?

Beauty Photography is utilised to sell things like cosmetics, skincare, hair items and gems. Actually like Fashion Photography is centered around selling garments, Beauty Photography is centered around selling a specific marvel item or extra.