Praveen Bhat is known to be one of the best lifestyle photographers in Delhi.

In the current times, photography has emerged as a high-demand professional, especially today. Fashion photography has become entirely prominent for brands, social media influencers, and models, and considering creativity has become all the more important.

You would see hundreds of images of women and men dressed up in stylish ways promoting accessories, footwear, and clothing. Displaying these items through the creativity of lifestyle fashion photographers creates the first and the last impression on the target audience.

Fine art photography is generally mixed with fashion portraits to deliver great photos for magazines and posters. Everywhere globally, major fashion magazines and houses are looking for good lifestyle photographers who would bring out the best of the brand. Today’s fashion industry covers production design and sales on several levels, from models walking the runway in breath-taking costumes to brands promoting extremely diverse fashion photography clothing pieces.

Different types of lifestyle photography services that Praveen Bhat offers

Street fashion photography

We offer one of the best lifestyle photography in Delhi, which usually focuses on real life and photographs based on the personal sense of fashion. It tells the story of how ordinary people are styling their clothes. Photographers here will focus on natural photo shoots of people walking on streets or in a staged environment imitating real scenarios.

High fashion photography

Our lifestyle photography studio in Delhi focuses on lifestyle photography which is all about selling the products and the vision and creative style of various fashion houses. This type of photography generally includes celebrities, football stars, and top models. Our photographers, makeup artists fashion designers would be completely trending for this type of photography, and the quality here is top-notch as it involves high-budget production.

Runway fashion photography

Runway photography captures the product’s styles and locations of the model in a high-paced environment.

Catalogue fashion photography

We are one of the top lifestyle photographers in Delhi that help attractively showcase fashion items. The brand hires a fashion photographer to shoot the models and attract customers to buy the products. At Praveen Bhat, our team of experts helps brands with all such photo shoots. We entirely sure to use a neutral background to ensure the attention of the brand’s customers does not shift to other details except the product on display.

Our fashion photography process

Being one of the best lifestyle photographers in Delhi we follow the process that helps us stand out in the crowd

  • We will create a brief for the fashion photo shoot and consult the clients on what narrative they want the finished photos to express entirely.
  • Then we will decide all the elements of the shoot, like the purpose, location theme, lighting mode, makeup, hair styling, and others.
  • We will start with the fashion shoot and go per the predetermined mood board and bring out the props, lighting, and other accessories to capture great photographs.
  • We will edit and format the final pictures before sending them to you.


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Praveen Bhat is the best fashion photographer in Delhi.

Praveen Bhat is a famous lifestyle photographer in Delhi.

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Praveen Bhat is the number one photographer in Delhi because he uses the best technical skills and knowledge of lighting, fashion art design, and posting. All the photos combine the elements to ensure that the clients are delighted with the work.