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How to Become a Professional Fashion Photographer?

Paint the Success Canvas with your Shutterbug

Praveen BhatAce fashion photographer Praveen Bhat spill the beams of key to become a professional fashion photographer

Gone are the days when holding a camera could bring success to you. Today making a career in photography and particularly in fashion fraternity is not everyone’s cup of Latte. In this competitive market, where quality and perfection is of utmost priority, there are certain essentials that needs to be developed and polished to make it large on the success canvas. With my experience in this field I bring to you key guidelines that an aspiring fashion photographer should strive for
to make a mark in the multi-crore industry.


Mark the Scratch
First and foremost thing that one needs to have in this rigorous profession is natural love and passion for art, fashion and creativity. Fashion photography in a broader stroke is a an art and science. Art from the perspective of creativity and science because of technicalities and jargons used in the practical field. For  a long term survival or making it as your livelihood requires to understand the very basics of camera, right from correct handling technique to how to capture a shot. The in-depth knowledge of camera and photography involves dimensions like types of shots, shot angle and much more.

Perfection Touch
Practice makes the man perfect and this rule applies to the next skill set that one needs to have to  be a sound professional fashion photographer and i.e. Editing Skills. With end number of software  available in the market/online, it had become easy to learn that skill. But one should always keep ion mind that editing is not a job that can learnt over night. It involves months of hard work and analysing power to develop that perfection. Learning the software is not a tough job, as the You Tube channel is flooded with online teaching videos, what one needs to work on is to develop that skill to make the images speak for itself.
3If you think that getting hold of one skill can make you survive in the market then you are on the wrong track and need to pull up your socks. The time has changed and its the era of being multi-dimensional. From the basics of photography to light aesthetics to venue management, you need to keep an eye on everything, and once you start approaching the profession from that perspective it results in better opportunities and moreover it helps you to learn stress management.



When it comes to fashion photography, it is necessary to look for detailing and once pointed try to make things perfect. Fashion calls for nitty-gritty right from clothing, accessorizes to make-up and even the props play a crucial role in making or breaking a shoot. So, to be a sound professional, one needs to work on detailing for better results.
Fashion photography’s key line works on lighting. One bad lighting can spoil the entire flavor. So understanding the lighting-key points of lighting, types of lighting is an inevitable part of becoming a sound fashion photographer.



Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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