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Review: Canon EOS 5D MARK III v/s Canon EOS 5DS

Just like trend cameras too have been transforming themselves over the past few years and the credit goes to the competitive smart phones, which are not just better in quality but are handy too. Though comparison of both is far cry, but when it comes to keeping the things mobile and yet maintaining the quality, smart phones are having an upper hand. Moreover there are other qualities too that makes a smart phone a better option. But, let’s got to the basic and see what’s new in the market that still makes the DSLR’s the alluring one.




What’s good and what’s not?

5D Mark II was the first SLR capable of capturing videos, a feature that was welcomed especially by the fashion market and now the new model is almost similar to it with few extra offerings. 5D Mark III has a 22MP full frame sensor in a body that is based on EOS 7D design and with a 61 point AF system borrowed from flagship EOS 1D-X. This is a major upgradation in this series, which has nine user selectable AF points an six assist points, giving a total of 15. In this Canon has also upgraded the metering system to its iFCL metering. And keeping the USP of series alive Canon has introduced a live movie switch on the rear to speed up movie activation. Stereo sound via external mic makes it a good recording tool but again this too can be improved to make it a better deal in the same cost bar. On more thing that i really appreciated about the Mark III is the two card ports, one for compact flash and the other for SD format cards.

Should you buy it?
Compared to predecessors Mark III is essentially a completely new model with every major system redefined and upgraded. But, it too requires some changes to make it an ideal deal for a lens man. For those who are ready to spent to be upgraded can go for it, after all it also needs a real-life test to mark its space in the competitive market.

Canon EOS 5DS

What’s good and what’s not?
When I first had a glimpse of EOS 5DS while on a window shopping, I mistook it as Mark III but after trying my hands on it I felt that I wasn’t wrong. In terms of look only the series label makes the difference. I wasn’t disappointed because Mark III has been one of the ideal piece I had come across, so anything similar to it attracts me. With incredible 50 megapixel sensor and more more than double resolution this is worth a trial. The auto-focus system is not changed. It’s the same high-tech 61 point AF system used in the Mark III, with 41 cross-type sensors and 5 dual cross type. It’s fast and powerful, though the customisation option can leave you amazed. The control and the finish are the real stand-out features of this camera. With a nice finish and all the external controls arranged efficiently, it impressed me in the very first use.

Should you buy it?
Well, I would say yes, if you are looking to upgrade from an entry-level camera to a higher equality. Ideal for people working on assignments or projects that needs to be shared.

Final Verdict

After trying my hands on both the gadgets, I feel Canon EOS 5D Mark III stands with an upper hand as compared to EOS 5DS. Though Canon has tried to allure the lens-men through 5DS, but I think they need to push it more to make it work for professionals. While Mark III is far better not just in terms of functionality but also in terms of mobility. It is lighter as compared to former and in and all makes a worth spending deal from my side.


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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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    12 Sep 2015 - 2:20 pm

    Very resourceful blog sir. Wish i had read this before buying my camera.

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