Editorial shoot

In the tribal land – Editorial shoot.

Editorial shoots for magazines gives me an insight of how I am progressing as a fashion photographer. And the recent shoot with Glam and Glaze fashion magazine was one of those moment. When the team briefed me about the tribal theme shoot, it was refreshing for me. It was all about escaping from mundane monotony and bouncing back with rich tirbal culture that is being neglected. The initiative by the magazine with the experimental and restorative fashion which is close not just to nature but to life too is truly appreciable.


Relative and functional being the key lines of wild ones, this genre of fashion is chic and crazy. And keeping that in mind I tried to justify with the location and even the minimal clothing of models as it was meant to be close to nature and tribal art. Keeping the natural green elements strongly visible in the entire shoot my motive was to let the viewers and readers get soaked in the green galore of nature pinched with flavor of sustainable fashion, which is rare and reasonable.


My dear female followers, trust me, its time to add delicate fashion, lush prints and elaborated metals to your wardrobe, as the world looks towards the wild nature for fashion inspiration.
After the final outcome I felt that not just the shoot but the entire concept including jewelleries were rejuvinating, authentic and virbant, reflecting the wild era of fashion which calls for playful colors dipped in the bestowing beauty of tirbal flavor that is original, confident and gives the earthy feeling.

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The detailing of the shoot talks about the nature inspired bold jewelry motifs that offers the clear slate for minimalistic fashion. Once attained and walked on the green ground of runway, this sustainable style is definitely the ultimate of fashion. So, before you start a new wardrobe, flip through these images by me and I am sure you will end up sending a feedback, which I am eagerly waiting for.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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