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jewelry photoshoot Mistakes 5 (And How to Avoid Them)

5 Common jewelry photoshoot Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Today we gonna talk about 5 common jewelry photoshoot Mistakes and How to Avoid them . Jewellery Product Photography is something which you learn with time and experience . It has its own challenges which a photographer has to face . Jewellery pieces are very small and reflective . Here are 5 mistakes which as a photographer one makes and the solution to it

I have been doing jewelry photoshoot over 10 years now . Have shot for brands like Malabar Gold & Diamonds , Ghatiwala Jewellers , SRS Jewells, Parampara Jewellers , SLG Jewellers Delhi & many more.


jewelry photoshoot Mistakes
Diamond ring photoshoot . Product photography


1.Adding Extra Props

As a photographer when you are shooting jewelry photoshoot , try not to add extra unwanted props and background . Adding extra props are a distraction, they take the attention away from the products . Use minimal props just to add on a pinch to go along with the product .

Diamond necklace jewellery photography
beautiful diamond necklace jewellery photoshoot


2.Cut Down Reflections

while doing gold jewellery or diamond pieces , its very important to cut down the reflections . Its a technical challenge while shooting jewelry product photography. These jewels are highly reflective and creates a lot of distracting reflections . While shooting it in a studio follow this to avoid minor photography mistakes . Use 2 large studio lights on either sides . Try and defuse it with a reflector, umbrella  or soft cloth . Hang plain white paper or cloth background behind and underneath the product . Remember always shoot on a tripod

jewelry photoshoot Mistakes
Jewelry Photoshoot setup by Praveen Bhat



3.Clean your Products

When shooting jewellery photography with model or just the product always make sure , that you clean the product before shooting . It is a common thing , I know . But , the resolution of our camera catches the details which a human can’t see with our naked eyes . few details of spots or the product being not clean only shows when we sit for the edits  .  to void these photography mistakes . My advice to you is always wipe the product every-time you touch it . Try wearing some soft fabric gloves while shooting , it will save you all this time


Jewellery Photography Model actress Ginni Kapoor - jewelry photoshoot Mistakes
Jewellery Photography Model actress Ginni Kapoor


4. Focus is the GAME

Most important tip to avoid jewelry photoshoot Mistakes

Try not to shoot photos of jewelry with low aperture setting in your camera . while shooting at low f stop we loose the detailing of the jewellery . Always shoot with high aperture & focus full on the product to get high sharp images that your clients are gonna love and come back to you over and over again . Always give them high detailed shots . Shoot with the Aperture f 13 and more set your ISO as low as 100 .


Malabar Gold Jewellery Photography - jewelry photoshoot Mistakes
Ad campaign for Malabar Gold by Best indian Product Praveen Bhat


5. Shoot Extra Shots to avoid jewelry photoshoot Mistakes

So here is my final advice for all jewellery photographer to avoid jewelry photoshoot Mistakes . Never ever just shoot what you have been asked by the client . If the client is asking for 3 different angle , dont just stick to 3 and change the product . Try taking extra photos of jewelry . You have already taken a pain setting up the whole setup , taking few extra shots won’t be a problem and this will keep you client happy as well 🙂


All the best !! Happy shooting hope these tips and advice will help you create beautiful product photography in India and abroad

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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