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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Model in India

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Model in India

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The world of modeling is alluring and glamorous, and India provides a thriving platform for aspiring models to make their mark. With a rich cultural heritage and a booming fashion industry, India offers numerous opportunities for individuals looking to pursue a career in modeling. The modeling industry today seeks diverse models who go beyond traditional beauty standards. They value uniqueness, inclusivity, and individuality. The industry is embracing models with different body types, ethnicities, and backgrounds, emphasizing authenticity and representation. However, renowned fashion photographer Praveen Bhat emphasizes that due to the evolving nature of the industry and its growth in recent years, the requirements for models have become more demanding. It’s no longer solely about looks and a captivating presence; professionalism, etiquettes, and mannerisms play a significant role.                                 

These days fashion landscape, designers are not only focused on their collections but also on the models who represent their brands. Prominent fashion shows in India now conduct thorough auditions with expert panels comprising fashion photographers, communication specialists, fashion designers, fashion choreographers, and more. Walking the ramp is no longer a simple task. It requires a combination of various qualities to succeed and secure coveted opportunities on the runway and endorsements.

Praveen Bhat, being an expert in the field, shares some key highlights to help aspiring models achieve perfection and make their mark in the industry.


Define Your Goals and Research the Industry:

Before embarking on your modeling journey, it is crucial to define your goals and understand the modeling industry in India. Research different types of modeling such as fashion, commercial, fitness, or plus-size, and identify the niche that aligns with your interests and strengths. Gain insights into renowned modeling agencies, fashion weeks, and photographers to familiarize yourself with the industry landscape.


Build a Stellar Portfolio:

Your portfolio is your visual resume and the most crucial tool to showcase your versatility and potential as a model. Collaborate with professional photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to curate a diverse portfolio that highlights your range. Include a variety of poses, looks, and styles that reflect your uniqueness and versatility. Ensure that your portfolio captures your best features and presents you in the best light possible.


Develop Your Skills and Personality:

Apart from physical appearance, modeling requires a range of skills such as posing, walking the runway, and expressing different emotions. Practice in front of a mirror, take up modeling workshops and study the work of successful models to learn different techniques. Additionally, focus on developing a confident and positive personality, as it plays a vital role in the industry. Good communication skills and professionalism will help you stand out during castings and auditions.


Network and Collaborate:

Networking is a crucial aspect of the modeling industry. Attend fashion events, industry parties, and fashion weeks to connect with industry professionals such as designers, photographers, and casting directors. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram to showcase your portfolio and engage with industry influencers. Collaborating with emerging photographers, designers, and makeup artists can provide valuable exposure and opportunities.


Approach Modeling Agencies:

Once you have built a strong portfolio and honed your skills, start approaching reputable modeling agencies in India. Research and shortlist agencies that align with your goals and style. Prepare a professional modeling resume and send it along with your portfolio to the agencies. Be prepared for rejection, as the industry is highly competitive. However, persistence and resilience are key to success in modeling.


Stay Fit and Take Care of Yourself:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for models. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper skin care are essential to ensure you are in the best shape and maintain a fresh appearance. Consult with fitness trainers and nutritionists to develop a fitness regimen tailored to your needs. Adequate sleep, hydration, and stress management are also essential for a glowing complexion and overall well-being.


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