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Indian male models images

Indian male models images

Male models Images : check out our latest portfolio shoot of Delhi based model Krish shot by fashion photographer Praveen Bhat. To enter the modeling industry , portfolio is the basic step & every models need one. To book krish for modeling acting assignments please connect with www.gngmodels.com .

Indian male models images  male models delhi Indian male models images  male models delhi

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How Tall Does a Male Model Have to Be?

Indian Male models should be between 5’8′′ and 6’3′′ tall, with a waist measurement of 29-32 inches and a chest measurement of 39-40 inches for high fashion modelling. These figures will differ slightly depending on the agency, but scouts will always be looking for slender, toned bodies. Commercial models must be 5’11” or taller.

It’s vital to note that the borders between what’s acceptable and what’s not, so don’t be put off if you don’t fit the exact “rules” — individuality and a distinct style will matter more. Fitness/real-life models are picked mostly for their attributes rather than their height.

If you are concerned about your height, please contact us and we will provide you with recommendations.

Delhi male models images


Getting Started as a Male Model

Some agencies are looking for specific heights or body types, and it’s crucial to realise that even the top models are turned down for some tasks. Don’t take rejection personally; it’ll happen to you at some point during your modelling career. Male model standards include looking after your mental wellness in addition to your physical appearance. This entails being able to say no when necessary and refusing to be treated badly. Before signing any contracts, make sure you read them thoroughly and don’t agree to anything you don’t understand.

While male modelling is just as difficult to break into as female modelling, it is not impossible. Keep your head down, work hard, and be kind to everyone you meet; you never know who could be able to help you land your big break!


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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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