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Top 5 Fashion Photographers in India

Top 5 Fashion Photographers in India


Fashion photography is the art of showcasing latest fashion trends through photos which commemorate various fashion designers and their creations. A fashion photographer presents a subject most aesthetically to make it worth remembering. Fashion photographers in India have to put in a lot of hard work and creativity to make their photographs so lively.

Though earlier considered as an off-beat career choice in India, fashion photography has with time shown an upward trend with development in technology and better exposure. The fast- growing fashion industry has given rise to many good fashion photographers. Here is a glance at the top fashion photographers in India.

·      Praveen Bhat-

Graded as one of the top fashion photographers in India, Praveen Bhat is a renowned name in contemporary Indian fashion industry. Best known for creating his own unique style of photography, he believes in practicing and perfecting the art of photography. Top fashion photographer in India is always on the look out for imagination beyond clicks.

Praveen Bhat


Praveen Bhat is a benchmark name in advertising and portfolio photography. His self- descriptive photographs speak of a true professional who works hard to showcase his model in the best light. He believes in getting stunning effect from the model. Optimal backgrounds and apt use of light and shadow is done in Praveen Bhat studio to get the best results possible. A portfolio shoot from the top fashion photographer in India becomes an asset and a launching pad for aspiring models all over India. Many models associated with Praveen Bhat studio have moved on to gain global acclaim.


A sterling name in the fashion photography industry, Praveen Bhat has worked with umpteen celebrity models like Hina Khan, Karan Grover, Jas Manak, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Astha Gill and many more. The top fashion photographer in India has made the fashion world fall in love with his work. His fashion shoots are the center of attraction of many fashion magazines and journals. Fashion Magazines like Elle, LY2 Boutique, Bride and Style, Cosmopolitan, Fit look are some of the big names in which his works appear regularly.


An achiever and role model in his field, Praveen Bhat inspires young budding fashion photographers. He teaches and supports various aspiring photographers at his acclaimed photography institute in Delhi- Praveen Bhat Institute of Photography.


·      Dabboo Ratnani-

He is a well- established fashion photographer who is best known for his annual calendar with celebrity Bollywood stars. He has judged various beauty pageants like India’s top model and Miss India. He boasts of global acclaim and has worked with many fashion magazines and international stars.

Dabboo ratnani


·      A. Rrajani-

This celebrity photographer is well known for working with celebrities, capturing beauty pageants, advertisement photography and portfolio photography. He has worked with many famous fashion designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Peacock Bride and more.

·      Tarun Khiwal-

He is a creative photographer who is associated with famous fashion designers like Sabyasachi. An achiever and master in his art, he supports and teaches young aspiring fashion photographers from all over the world.

tarun khiwal

·      Rohan Shreshtha-

Son of celebrity photographer Rakesh Shreshtha, this blessed photographer continues to add big names to his acclaim. Having worked with several Bollywood stars, his photoshoots appear in top fashion journals and magazines.

rohan shrestha

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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