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Plus Size Model in India

Plus Size Model in India : Sakshi Sindwani

Plus size Model in india Sakshi Sindhwani Photoshoot with best fashion photographer in Delhi NCR, india Praveen Bhat . Sharing with you all plus size modeling photoshoot images and tips to start plus size modeling in india .

Plus size modeling in India




A Plus size model is a person from size 6 or more who is locked in fundamentally in demonstrating these models. Larger size garments worn by Plus size models are commonly cooking and showcased to either Big and Tall or Tall people.

Plus size models additionally participate in work that isn’t carefully identified with selling attire, e.g., plus size clothing and plus size dresses or  sexy plus size tops etc .

Consequently, Plus size indian  models don’t solely wear pieces of clothing showcased as larger size garments. These models also walk for designers in fashion weeks and also shoot editorial for fashion magazines . 


Sakshi Sindwani plus size model

Sakshi Sindwani plus size model

Sakshi Sindwani plus size model

plus size modeling


Jobs for Plus-Size Models :

There are a great deal of potential outcomes with regards to modeling assignments for Indian Plus size models. These are the sort of jobs that you may be accessible to take up:


  • Fashion show  or runway model
  • Editorial Photoshoot , commercial model (having your photograph taken for print and digital campaigns)
  • Catalog or LookBook store model
  • Video Advertisements
  • Music video, film, or TV extra
  • Fitness clothing model
  • Fashion Influencer 
  • blogger

You may even have the option to seek after different freedoms outside of severe occupation jobs, such as taking on brand supports.

top plus size models in india

top plus size models in india

plus size models in india bikini

plus size models photoshoot

plus size models photoshoot


Physical Requirements

There are not actually a particular requirement to enter plus size modeling in india .If you fall anywhere between size 12 to size 16 you have a better chance to get work 

The height requirements are not as strict for plus models as they are for normal models: you can actually be a bit shorter, usually 5”6’ to 5”9’. You might even get away with being smaller than that, as there are examples of successful models at 5”5’.

As a general rule, having your waist 10 inches smaller than your hips is a good proportion. You will still have to work out a lot, even as a plus-size model! Imagine plus size lingerie models – they need to look great in the items, with the minimum of visible ‘issues’ which might be a hinderance for your work  

Try to remain the size that you are, as you won’t be able to keep getting jobs if your weight goes up and down. The agency or the client expects you to be the same what they see in your portfolio.

You should have work to have a clear skin and healthy hair and nails too. Essentially, you need to be as healthy as possible while still maintaining your size.



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