dji ronin 4d price in india

DJI Ronin 4D Cinema Camera Price in India

DJI Ronin 4D

DJi Ronin 4d Coming to Indian soon : Good times are about to roll for cinematography camera lovers !

DJI has announced potentially the world’s first comprehensive full frame cinematography camera- DJI Ronin 4D.

A film makers true friend, DJI has 15 years of steady companionship with cinematographers, helping them to shoot perfect steady videos. It boasts of being the biggest drone brand and also making small useful pocket cameras.

Dji ronin 4d camera


But now it is time for a revolutionary change with the advent of Ronin 4D. It is a midrange professional cinema camera With an interchangeable lens system and 4-axis stabilisation.


Film makers in India have a reason to rejoice as the camera works great deal for almost every filmmaker even low budget productions.


Appearance– While appearance wise the camera is not exceptional, one feature that makes it special is its floating arm that holds the sensor giving it a black swan like look.


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Comfortable to hold- The camera is designed basically to be held comfortably. The two multi functional grips can be bolted on either side of the body to hold it up right. You can even set and shift the height according to your comfort. Now take a break from back pain due to heavy equipment held all the time at shoulder height. You can control its focus manually and can even customise it.

Dji ronin 4d camera


Four dimensional

DJI Ronin 4D, goes by its name to be ‘industries first active vertical 4-axis stabilisation system.’The major feature of Ronin 4D is stabilisation of Z axis. This is at par with full fledged steady cam system as it stabilises the up and down motion as well.

dji 4d cinema camera


LiDar autofocus-

This is another feature of 4D, which is basically a laser guided focus tracking system. This is an added advantage in terms of autofocusing and freshers with less manual focusing skills can rely on it.

dji ronin 4d price in india dji ronin 4d price in india dji 4d camera specifications dji 4d camera specifications


Wireless Monitoring system-

There is another great feature With some additional cost. You can simply control the camera remotely with the monitor. The wireless monitoring system is truly a feature to look forward to. The video quality is exceptionally good and that is something to vow for!

dji ronin 4d price in india :

Dji 4d with 8k resolution is priced around 11499.00 USD = 860367.18 INR & with 4k resolution its priced at 7199.00 USD = 538636.70 Inr

the camera will be around same price in Pakistan & Nepal as well.

A leap forward in the film industry, DJI Ronin4D is a bold and unique entry into the world of cinema cameras. It delivers great images and is a boon for creative cinematographers.

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