Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips

Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips

Tips on shooting male models

Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips :  Planning to put your first step in the modelling industry? A male modelling portfolio shoot from the best fashion photographer in India is an added asset to your career. Renowned photographer Praveen Bhat Shares some valuable tips on male modelling portfolio shoot –

Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips


Must Follow These Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips in Your Portfolio :

Variation in looks- A folio from the best fashion photographer in Delhi is usually shot in 5 to 6 looks including ample variations to highlight the model’s versatility. Models are shot in both formal and casual looks. A colourful sporty look in tees and denims gives the model a ‘boy next-door’ or college going appearance. Contrastingly  formal blazers and Tuxedos Mark a classy tailored look.

Male Modeling Photoshoot Tips


A hard appearance comes with beard and rugged clothing. While a clean-shaven look is always soft and boyish.  One of the most important tips for  Male Modeling Photoshoot is to get your  shot exclusively in both ethnic and western attires for a comprehensive portfolio.


Body shots not of sole importance- While male models are mostly very conscious of their body shape and yearn for perfect biceps and abs to become a model; A modelling or ad agency or modelling coordinator does not typically wow for macho models. It is not always a perfect body shape that they look for . As the best fashion photographer, Praveen Bhat suggests all the aspiring models to get a portfolio shoot done whenever they are mentally prepared for it. Confidence and passion is the baseline of modelling!

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Emphasis on natural poses-Comfort and confidence are of prime importance in male modelling shoot. The poses are kept natural with close to real life casual looks. Over styling and heightened the use of photo shop is avoided in Praveen Bhat studio.

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Looking into the camera- Some shots are taken best by looking into the camera while a variation in shots is attained by looking away from it. Straight and slanting gaze adds variety in poses.


Standing shots –  The best fashion photographer in Delhi suggests a few amazing standing shots – full length poses while holding the Jacket, using pockets, different leg positions. Walking pose and straight leg pose give some amazing stills. Putting up an attitude on your face while facing the camera, frowning or smiling are equally important. The fashion photographer takes care to make the male model look impressive and dynamic in his Folio.


Sitting shots- Variation in sitting poses can be brought about by playing around with your hands. Using different positions of hands like close to face, folded hands and keeping the hands-free – not stiff, are equally impressive. By folding the legs in and out and by changing your sitting positions, the best fashion photographer in India creates versatility in a model’s portfolio.


Face shots- As the best fashion photographer in Delhi, Praveen Bhat suggests that focusing on facial expressions is important. Emphasis on smiling shots , close portraits, tight shots and different moods is laid by the photographer. Face shots lend an attitude to the model’s Folio


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