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Dressing up for a fashion photo shoot

Dressing Up For A Fashion Photo Shoot

Dressing up right for a fashion photo shoot is a challenging job. Outfits and accessories really affect the final outcome of the photo shoot. They showcase your personality and give you the X factor that you require as a fashion model.

Best portrait photographer in India

At Praveen Bhat fashion photography studio a lot goes into deciding the fashion photo shoot dresses for a model. Stylist work on special details and various factors to dress up their models. The top fashion photographer in Delhi lists a few major factors that go into deciding a dress for the model –

Body type- This is the main determinant for fashion photo shoot dresses. The choice of a dress varies according to your stature, height and width. Presentation is important in a photo shoot. So, the best fashion photographer in India takes care to drape you in a well fitted and flattering attire.
Age- Your clothes and style define your age without having to speak. So at Praveen Bhat studio our stylists work hard to make you look graceful for your age. Weird accessories and ill fitting clothing that doesn’t suit your age is a strict no no!

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Required look– Whether you are posing to be a ramp model or a print

model, that basically decides what look you require. Dress, accessories and make up are quite different for a ramp model where facial expressions matter less and height and physique are more emphasised. On the other hand print or advertisement models need a more casual attire for any body type. A cute face and pleasing expressions is the key!

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Colours, patterns and accessories- Too many accessories definitely spoil your look. So the top fashion photographer in Delhi recommends limited accessories just to highlight your appearance. Overdose of strong patterns are best avoided to make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Also choose your colours wisely as blending and merging colours with a background is a fashion fault.

Getting portfolio ready– Grooming up for a portfolio is the main step before a portfolio shoot. Stylists at Praveen Bhat studio get photos of models and decide their styling according to face and body measurements.While skin tone is a secondary factor for being a model, camera facing and confidence is the key to success. Aspiring models can join grooming classes at Praveen Bhat modelling and acting institute. Students are groomed for dressing sense, hair styling and make up so that their transformation is done according to the portfolio required.

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These factors go a long way in deciding what style is the best alternative for you! For modeling acting courses check 

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