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Modeling photos Price by Praveen Bhat

Modeling photos Price and portfolio packages by Best indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat.

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What is Modeling Photography and Model photoshoot Modeling photos Price ? why is it so important to have one and be a successful male female model in india ?The initial phase in turning into a model is building your displaying model photos & modeling pictures. Your model photoshoot portfolio resembles your resume. It’s the first and frequently just impression that an office or customer gets when they are thinking about you for a modeling jobs.  It’s a mixture of pictures; from your best model photoshoot .  However an exhibit of your ability and experience as a model. The more expert and flexible you go over, the almost certain you are to land work. So obviously, you need to make the most of it!

In our model photoshoot packages we include makeup artist , stylist for clothes & model photography website.

Given below are the modeling photography & Model Photoshoot portfolio packages.  Portfolio by  best indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat


Celebrity Photoshoot by Praveen Bhat

Best Indian Celebrity Fashion Photographer - Modeling photos Price

MALE MODELING: Models POrtfolio

Latest Modeling Photoshoot

Modeling Photography Cost


4 Dress Changes
Styling (Dresses) : Not Included
Webpage: Yes
PRICING: 35000


4 Dress Changes
Styling (Dresses) : Included
Webpage: Yes
makeup : Included
PRICING: 50000
Note: Pay Rs 5000 extra and get video of the shoot made.


6 Dress Changes
Styling (Dresses) : Included
Webpage: Yes
makeup : Included
Promotion on PB Website
Promotion on G&G Website
Instagram Promotions
PRICING: 60000
Note: Pay Rs 5000 extra and get video of the shoot made.

Model Photography

What is a Modelling Portfolio ?

What is a Modelling Portfolio and How to Use it – Modeling Photography Model Photoshoot

As an aspiring male female model, you need to create Modeling Photography & Model Photoshoot launch your modelling career in India  . It’s your opportunity to establish an extraordinary first connection with best modeling agencies.

It is significant for you to invest the push to get all parts of your demonstrating modeling portfolio right. It’s not just about shooting your portfolio, there’s much all the more arranging that goes into making an incredible model photoshoot .

Here’s a bit by bit modeling tips for models that discloses how to make an incredible impact with modeling photography portfolio for yourself.

  • Decide on type of model you want to become
  • Pick the best fashion photographer for your model photo
  • Hire professional makeup artist in India for your shoot
  • Hire best fashion stylist for the wardrobe
  • Get printed model photo book
  • Make your Modelling Portfolio website
  • Start promoting yourself

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