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Top 7 Fashion Photographers To Follow in 2020

Top 7 Fashion Photographers To Follow in 2020

7 Top fashion photographers to follow in 2020 – Beautiful world of fashion & glamour is a dynamic industry  , that that is continually changing. Fashion Photography is most searched as it brings us the latest and most vital trends.  Created by the fashion industry , fashion designers and influencers , Photographer Model.

Best Fashion Photographer
Best Fashion Photographer in India Tips

sharing  profiles of  top fashion  photographers to follow .  Who help us to know what is presented at fashion trends , and latest fashion  photo shoot &  shows . Fashion Photography started to appear in 1856 to encourage people to be aware and care more about the fashion industry.

The very top  fashion photographer was Adolphe Braun,  a famous French photographer. He was the  first fashion photographer  to publish a fashion photoshoot book with 288 photographs. The book  of trending fashion, which basically started the awareness and trend all across . Today’s fashion photographers  capture their photos for advertisements , banners ,  fashion magazines , Photographer Models all over the world.


1.Mario Testino

Mario Testino is one of the most influential top fashion photographers in the world.  He has been  photographing famous faces, Celebrities , Male model Photography  & many more.  Mario is the founder of a museum & an expert in fashion photo shoot.Testino’s clients include Chanel, Burberry, and Versace. He has also photographed royal families from around the world, including Princess Diana.


Mario Testino Photographer Model
Photographer Model Mario Testino


2.Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna got into fashion photography at the very youngage of 18. In short span ,  she became a powerful influencer in the photography community. She’s worked with renowned companies like Harper’s BAZAAR.  She  has been featured in Vogue and many other magazines . She is also on of the top vogue photos photographer who has been listed in Forbes under 30 list in Asia .


Best fashion Photographer
Best fashion Photographer to follow in India



3.Praveen Bhat

Praveen Bhat is the best fashion photographer in India in the arena of fashion, promotional and portfolio photography. Having worked for the coveted Virgin Atlantic, London, Praveen started his career in 2008.

Today, Praveen Bhat is the best fashion photographer in Delhi and possesses a multitalented collection of commercial and fashion photographs. His first career project started with a major campaigning for the global brand and today he ventures into a diverse range of fields including fashion wear, jewelry, Celebrity Photography  cosmetics, automobiles and Male Model Photography and female modeling portfolios

Best indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat

Fashion Photographer in India to follow in 2020 Praveen Bhat

4.Jeff Bark

Jeff Bark can be described as a top fashion photography plus a painter. His photos look like paintings of unique people and locations . He creates his own sets and creatives . His love for the technical side of fashion photography definitely marks  him an outstanding figure in the fashion industry.

Jeff Bark fashion Photographers
Fashion Photographers to follow for fashion shoot


5.Tim Walker

Tim Walker’s models and his model photography  have been empowering the covers of famous fashion magazines for several years. His unusual and experimental style makes him one of the top fashion photographers to follow in the fashion photography world. Walker regularly works for Vogue. He also makes short films.

fashion photographers in india
best indian fashion photographers page



6.Elizaveta Porodina

one of the prominent names in the fashion photography industry to follow in 2020 is Elizaveta Porodina. She  discovered photography when she was studying to become a psychologist.  She quit her full time psychology to peruse fashion photography as a full time career . Many aspiring photographer who are planning to start or join photography course in delhi or india should see her work .  Porodina’s major sources of inspiration is science fiction. Her photos are exclusive, sharp, and impossible not to miss . Some of the colors in her photos are so vibrant and creative  that it’s impossible to get them printed

Elizaveta Porodina fashion photography
Photographer model best fashion photography



7.Cole Sprouse

one of the best fashion photographer Cole Sprouse is a rising start in the photography world. He is often featured on  various fashion magazine covers and very creative . His photos move  around fashion, landscapes, . If you go and follow him on instagram You’ll notice that most of his  photoshoots & uploads  are accompanied by deep stories written by him , which users love to read

best indian fashion photographer
top fashion photographers to follow in india Cole Sprouse


Summarize – Top Fashion Photographers to Follow

If you want to improve your fashion photography skills, look and follow these famous top fashion  photographer’s pictures on Instagram. Fashion photographers and photography world  seems like a very  grand horizon . Following the trends and this genre we can train ourselves . Try to grab and  learn about photography, style , fashion , and other people’s stories.


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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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