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Photography tips and tricks for beginners

Start taking better photos right away! For all you budding fashion photographers out there, here are a few easy yet really valuable tips from Praveen Bhat, the top fashion photographer in Delhi /India. These will be handy in improving your photography skills –

Try different angles:


When you are shooting don’t  be monotonous with your angles and shots. The best fashion photographer in Delhi /India advises you to put in your time and innovation to explore new angles for creative photography. Try shots from above, below or tilted view. Every different angle conveys a different message to the audience. So be open to different options rather than restricting yourself to one.

Shoot through objects:

The best photographer in Noida/ Delhi suggests that including objects as props will add more dimensions to your photographs. Instead of taking plain straight forward shots, create a bouquet effect with different objects –it could be anything natural: a tree, a bush, a leaf or any artificial object. Show your creativity with the lens by arranging objects which bring focus to the model.

Think out of the box:

Do not follow the herd blindly. Rather think distinctively and set your individual statement. Try to distinguish yourself from those 90% clicks which capture a particular view in the same frame. Make your unique creativity your USP.


The top fashion photographer suggests that framing your main subject with the different objects add a balance to the image. Filling up empty spaces around the subject with interesting objects makes the whole composition more engaging. Try to weave a nice story with these objects.

Use of light:

fashion Photography

Use of appropriate lighting is a must to enhance your photo shoot. Always arrange for good lighting to get the right photographs. Even Natural light through a window used judiciously can create a wonderful effect. So, always play right with the lights..

So friends, pick up the good advice and click the shutter!!

Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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