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Journey of successful diamond jewellery shoot campaign

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We all know diamonds are every girl’s best friend. Be it for wedding, engagement, festivals or any other event diamonds are must for every woman. This time Praveen Bhat, professional fashion and jewellery photographer got an opportunity to do a professional advertising shoot for the Malabar Gold and Diamond Jewellery. The shoot was done in Dubai , for UAE region. The shoot includes exclusive bridal diamond and gold jewellery for woman.

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Doing professional photo shoot of diamond is not at all an easy job. The main reason is because they have different personalities under various lighting conditions. In photography what is mainly referred are the light sources- i.e. directional or non- directional, hard or soft. The best way to do diamond photography is with soft non-directional lighting. Apart from being notoriously difficult it is fun and exciting. Jewellery photography is always exciting. Capturing the shimmers, stones and the glitters is difficult but not impossible. Having proper photography experience is needed if you are doing product photo shoot for jewellery.

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Being a professional fashion photographer from Delhi Praveen Bhat has done photo shoots with many jewellery brands. When photographing jewellery there are certain shadows and reflections that might be necessary to create a three-dimensional look or that you may simply want as a personal preference. The first thing you need to understand about reflections and shadows is how they are produced and why they appear or exist.

We are providing you with some of the major tips you should keep in mind when you are doing a professional jewellery shoot:

  1. Always use a tripod stand while doing jewellery photo shoots.
  2. The light that is preferred is balanced compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting
  3. Proper exposure is also key to good jewellery photography
  4. This is something important which you should definitely keep in mind before starting the shoot. Make sure you set the image format to RAW+ JPEG or RAW as it helps you to retain all the details in the image and would help you during the editing process.
  5. In order to focus on the entire piece of the jewellery, set the aperture value of your camera to maximum which means the aperture is the smallest which makes you focus on the entire piece of jewellery instead of a selective region.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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  1. Minesh leekha

    15 May 2016 - 7:17 am

    Sir i have known you to have done the personal photoshoots of some of my model friends and know your class of photography . I would like to know some more tips maybe in a video or something regarding jewellery photography than can be done without having an expensive studio or big lightings , just like many photography hacks on youtube we see .

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