How to become a model

Top 6 mistakes you should avoid as a model

Are you are model or aspire to be a model because it looks like a cake-walk business? If yes, then hold-on because certainly it is not! Being on the hoardings and magazines never mean that you can play with the professional ethics and code of conduct. Scroll down to read the mistakes that the new age models often commit because they think its ‘cool’, but definitely it is not.

Attending modelling classes
Save your time and money by not attending modelling classes. Learning how to pose comes with experience and every model develops their own style over the years. A pre-show briefing and runway classes is good to go, to understand the needs and demand of the client, but going for modelling classes to learn ‘how to be a model’ is a total waste of time and money. So think and act.

Non-acceptance of rejection
Learn to accept rejections.  Due to tough competition in the modelling market, you might have to face rejection. Never get disheartened, better learn to accept it and move on. It is always suggested to take it as a lesson or a matter of luck and start working again. You might feel that you are fit and perfect for it, but the client might be looking for something else, so it can be a matter of perspective too.

Non-exposure to creative world
It is always good to explore more opportunities, but having said that, it never means to fall prey of bad things and people.  Keep looking for options and learn from every exposure, because that will improve your skills and help you get better future opportunities.

Not being logical
If an audition calls for a dress code, it has logic behind it, try to understand and follow. Wearing inappropriate clothes to portray your fashion sense may get you rejected even after having a perfect look for the client. For auditions related to gym wear, swimwear and beachwear always carry a change to justify the audition.

Unnecessary social media presence
The unnecessary show-off and image posting on social media may ruin your professional image. In case you are social media addict, create a casual account but never mess-up your work with personal life. These days’ photographers and clients are very much concerned about the brand image.

Dishonesty and lack of sincerity
Even after working with agencies the new age models feel that they are their own boss and can skip a shoot or reach late. If you are among those, beware! Shoots are generally lengthy and time consuming so its better you reach on time or before time and wear your make-up.  This might save the per day cost of all others involved in the project. And yes always follow the lines of ‘Honesty is the best policy’, because that will help in the long run.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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