Create Best Modelling Portfolio
How to become a model

Create Best Modeling Portfolio Tips

Create Best Modeling Portfolio Tips


How to Create Best Modeling Portfolio Tips  for all you aspiring Male Female models . Entering modeling industry can be very challenging, specially  if you don’t have anything to show off to the Best modeling agencies , coordinators  and advertisers. But, creating your modeling portfolio by Fashion Photographer is pretty easy. Follow these simple tips to create your best modeling portfolio , which will kickstart your modeling career in India . Good luck!


Female Modeling Portfolio
Female modeling Portfolio shoot by Fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat


Always remember , Create Best Modeling Portfolio Tips is essentially your resume or passport to enter the modeling world . It should include everything  that helps you make a good impression while meeting the casting agents and modeling agencies . You can create a short version that you can submit to modeling agencies, aside from the complete set or book that you’ll be bringing with you to all your interviews.

So lets read out these easy step-by-step guide on how to Create Best Modeling Portfolio Tips !

Modeling Portfolio photoshoot
Female model portfolio shoot poses


Get to know your Modeling type

Male modeling Portfolio shoot
Male model portfolio photography

Fortunately for male female models, there are various different types of modeling that one can get into. Initial step before building your modeling portfolio is to analyse  which specific type of modeling you wanna get in to , as each and very aspiring model have their own preferred specifications. Your Modeling Portfolio photos should depict the type of modeling you’re planning to get into . Take call weather you want to get in to studio modeling photography , or Ramp/ catwalk modeling , Advertising photoshoot or Commercial Modeling .

Find a Good Professional Photographer

studio modeling photography shoot
studio modeling photography shoot


Next very important step of the creation of your modeling portfolio is about hiring best fashion photographer for your first modeling photos . look for a professional who already works in the modeling industry and has a name if you’re very serious about making your portfolio . A reputed best fashion photographer will help you with the right model portfolio shots , which in return will help you build connections .  Here are few of my Model portfolio examples , also you can check my MODEL PORTFOLIO WEBSITE

Female model portfolio
female model portfolio shoot
male portfolio posing tips
male portfolio



But if you are tight on a budget, you can always go for a good fashion photographer who’s still in the process of building their work profile .

Bonus Tip : before choosing a good modeling portfolio photographer, it’s advisable  to check their work and website in advance. It would be amazing  if the fashion photographer you select ,  is somewhat experienced in shooting the-type of modeling career  that you are planning to join


Practice Modeling Posing at Home


Make use of the technology , I mean the internet . Search about the types modeling photographer near me. Then after booking your modeling portfolio , start practicing at home . Search modeling photographs on the net , and start practicing them at home in-front of the mirror .  Try different body posing and styles along with different facial expressions . Make a  note of your best modeling poses and get comfortable with new ones, more confidence will help you with better model portfolio



Choose professional makeup artist & wardrobe for Modeling Portfolio

As I mentioned earlier about choosing the right fashion photographer to shoot your modelling portfolio . Choosing the right makeup artist and wardrobe is also one of the key factors while creating your portfolio . If you are booking a renowned fashion photographer portfolio package , in many cases you will be getting makeup artist and a fashion stylist in the package .

If you are going with a new photographer or some one who has less experience and no team , you will have to struggle picking up the right makeup artist and fashion stylist . Top modeling agencies , before booking or selecting you for a shoot will go through your profile . They will look beyond all the flashy, jazzy clothes if not provided by a good fashion stylist . Your mail aim should be showing your best postures and expressions , so try and stay away from oversized or jazzy clothing

model portfolio shots
model portfolio shots
male portfolio
male model portfolio poses


Creat a Portfolio Book

Once you have  your final  photos, it’s time to have them printed and arranged in a portfolio book. There are a many ways to accomplish this. the easiest method is to buy  photo book — one with a simple black cover and clear plastic sleeves for you to insert your own printed photos from the modeling portfolio.

For a  quick look book, the purchased photo sleeve book is the  easiest and most affordable option one can get . However, today it’s simpler and more affordable  to have a portfolio book professionally printed which looks more professional . it looks more professional , gives an impact that you as a male model or female model are serious about your job .

Standard size for printing the modeling portfolio shots is  9×12 inches. Slightly smaller or larger than this is usually workable , but don’t overdo with an odd size. The cover must be black, with no ring bindings. Make sure the photos you use are high-quality images. If you are using a professional photographer, this should not be an issue. Book requirement is a  standard  18-20 pages for 20-25  photos. Not every modeling agency will flip through each page, so be sure to put your best shots from the shoot  toward the front of your book.


What should be on your profile page

When you printing the photoshoot book  you should never forget to include your information,  like work you’re willing to do , and acting and modeling experience, hobbies, talents, and interests—both on your printed portfolio and on social media page if you have any . Given below are few data you’ll need to include are:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • waist
  • chest – waist – hips (for Male models)
  • Bust-waist – Hips (For female models)
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Distinguishing Features (freckles, birthmarks, tattoos, etc.)


Bonus Tips : it’s important that you update your portfolio regularly with new photos and more recent work experience. Also try , not to change your looks . stick to the looks you have in your modeling portfolio .This means you can’t cut your hair, change your hair color,  or get any tattoos.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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