How to become a model


You have often felt’ You have it in you’ –the looks, the expressions, the style. And people have most often suggested “Why don’t you go for modelling yaar

If you are one of those aspiring models, the first big question which obviously comes to your mind is ‘How to become a model in India?’ To answer your queries and to clear all your myths about modelling, here are some sure shot tips from Praveen Bhat, the best fashion photographer in Delhi.

Carry a professional Portfolio

The first and foremost step towards modelling industry is to get a nice portfolio shoot done from a professional photographer. A good professional portfolio is your passport to the modelling world. You must carry a good profile in which all your characteristics and plus points come out well. A professional portfolio photographer cleverly covers all your looks with highlighted features and expressions. So go for it!


Shun that perfect figure myth!

Worried about building those six packs or having a perfect lean figure? Don’t panic! The modelling industry welcomes anybody with a good confident personality and a proportionate physique; Ready to face the camera. Age is no bar and nor is your body type. Just choose your target areas of modelling depending on your looks, for example, natural looks go easy in sub urbans and trendy and sleek looks are best for the cities. An expert in portfolio photography will guide you for the right poses, expressions and outfits. Refrain from loud makeup and fancy hair styles. Remember the modelling agencies want your raw and natural looks and not the photoshopped ones!

Meet the Right People

With your portfolio in hand you must research the market well. Read blogs and articles about modelling industry. Surf the net to look for the right agencies which are reputed and which will place you well. Go ahead, give your portfolio to top modelling and ad agencies and hope for the best.

Beware of frauds

You must search well the reputation of a modelling agency before approaching it. Being ignorant may land you in trouble. A good modelling agency will honour your values and will lift you up as a model. It won’t put you in a compromising position ever.

Passion, patience and perseverance

The road to success is always a rough one. So be prepared to face challenges at each step. Your passion for this career and your serious pursuit of it will ultimately decide your fate in the modelling industry.


Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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    I will make sure sir that I will remember each and every point of your article …

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    Halo sir I am interested modeling acting
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    How to starting process modeling ang acting

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