How to become a model

What should aspiring models do after their portfolio shoot?

All set to put your first tiny step into the huge world of modelling!

You already carry a good portfolio done by a professional photographer. So with your homework complete, you now have to follow these simple guidelines given by Praveen Bhat, the best portfolio photographer in Delhi.

1) Reach out to the Agencies

Take a step forward and give your portfolio to good modelling and ad agencies. Go for the auditions well prepared. Research the market well and look for reputed agencies. Don’t hesitate to approach the right people at the right time.

2) Be well groomed

As said” Grooming is the essence of elegance”. Make grooming and selfcare an integral part of your regime. From the day you make your first impression at the auditions you should maintain your looks throughout – on and off the camera. Grooming is a form of self respect; so eat well, dress up well and pay attention to your needs and image. It’s only then that the world will notice you!

3) Be realistic; Be yourself

‘You are naturally beautiful when you are yourself’. Your folio should be more realistic flaunting your raw and natural looks. Don’t hide your dusky complexion behind layers of make up or your plus size by that photoshop effect. Realistic and confident people are welcome in the industry.

4) Do not give up

Patience and perseverance always pay. You might face rejection many a times but don’t let your moral go down. Just lift up yourself , practice hard and keep trying for auditions. A good photographer will give you links to the right modelling agencies.

5) Beware of fake claims

Many fake agencies have popped up in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Beware of these frauds who offer more money or  work than you deserve as a fresher. Don’t fall in the rat trap and try to be in the network of good people.

Be Positive, Be Professional and above all Be Passionate!


Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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