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Tips for Creative Self Portrait Fashion Photography

A self-portrait can be a complicated photography genre. It means that being a fashion photographer in Delhi, you must take a picture of yourself. No wonder most photographers today have a photography studio in Delhi but shy away from it for most of their careers. Taking a self-portrait being a fashion photographer in Delhi can be intimidating, and you might keep it aside, thinking why you must even take a photo of yourself. Self-portrait photography can play a crucial role in setting up a photography studio in Delhi, as it will test your abilities to do better.

Some tips for creating self-portrait fashion photography

Allow your emotions to come out

The facial expressions and the body language you use can play a crucial role in how your self-portrait looks like. You do not have to be smiling; in all the photos, you can portray emotions like anger, sadness, or any other emotion you would like to capture. It would be best if you capture yourself in the most vulnerable position that you are in, and your self-portrait will be able to tell your entire story through emotions. This will help you make the most of the photography studio in Delhi.

Consider using some props

Taking a photo of yourself might seem a little awkward at first, but when you consider using some props to make the subjects comfortable, you can feel a little better. You can use the props to show what you love, including a camera, guitar or anything else which portrays your interests well. Being a fashion photographer in India, you should understand the diverse types of props available for portrait photography.


It is perfect to free-focus the camera as you cannot use the viewfinder while photographing yourself. But if you want to save time in energy, then you can use autofocus to avoid running back and forth unless you are just taking photos in a scene that is loaded with a busy background.

Explore some landscapes

You can set some scenes in a unique landscape if you want to try something new instead of going down the path of the standard self-portrait. The next time you go on a long drive, you can bring your tripod to capture some beautiful landscapes for your portrait.

Experiment with some lighting

You can find some great spots to capture yourself as a fashion photographer in India. Shooting my big window is one of the most common techniques for self-portrait fashion photography. You should avoid using artificial light unless you have mastered controlling it, as the harshness can give you terrible results.


Stick to your fundamentals well before capturing any photograph. You must keep in mind the basic techniques of exposure composition and depth of the field while you are setting up the camera for self-photography.

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