Best Photography Camera For Fashion, Landscape and Travel Photography


“The best camera is the one that’s with you”.

Whether you are looking for a good camera to capture beautiful landscapes, or a travel photography camera, or the much-fancied fashion photographer’s camera, there are numerous options available. The best photographer camera is one that fits your requirement, budget and preference.

The best fashion photographer in India, Praveen Bhat shares a wise guiding tip to buy the best photographer camera. According to him the overall picture quality depends on the lens of your camera. So, it’s better to invest more on higher quality lens rather than more expensive camera body.

Here are the top picks as your choice for best photographer camera-

Canon EOS R6-

This is the best all-rounder photographer camera. It’s a good choice for both professionals and amateurs. This is a sturdy and weather-sealed camera with a vary- angle touch screen to shoot from different angles. Despite a few shortcomings like noise issues due to pixel count and an unimpressive buffer capacity, the camera has a tremendous value.

Sony a7 III

A good budget camera, the Sony a7III has much to offer as a photographer camera. It has a still competitive auto-focus system, 10 fps burst shooting, and a long -lasting battery. Small lapses include- lack of weather sealing, touch navigation and improved menu system. Still the high image quality covers all flaws.

Nikon Z50

This is a mid-range mirrorless camera, with good image quality. It gives a great image and video stabilization performance. It is well built and comfortable to use. It also has an outstanding easy to use menu. The drawback which characterizes it is an unimpressive recording quality in low light and a relatively bulky design.

Fujifilm X100V

A light weight and compact design which makes it easy to carry. It gives excellent image quality and records impressively sharp video. Though with a somehow short battery life and uncomfortable to handle , the camera is still in race for best photographer camera.

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