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Shanice Shrestha’s Glamorous Photoshoot by Celebrity Photographer Praveen Bhat

Shanice Shrestha’s Glamorous Photoshoot by Celebrity Photographer Praveen Bhat


The current partnership between Shanice Shrestha and celebrity photographer Praveen Bhat has raised the bar for grace and charm in the glamorous world of fashion photography. In addition to showcasing Shanice’s adaptable style, this alluring photoshoot also brought attention to the flawless collaboration between the lens maestro and influencer.

 Fashion Photography’s Allure

Praveen Bhat, who is well-known for his ability to capture a subject’s soul via photography, ventured into the world of fashion photography with Shanice Shrestha this time. The photo shoot, which featured Shanice in a variety of glitzy outfits against distinctness, was proof of the ideal fusion of creativity and professionalism. Every frame in the realm of photography, from stylish cityscapes to dreamy nature settings, was a beauty.

 Unveiling the Glamour Behind the Scenes

The fashion photoshoot was more than just well edited pictures; it was a celebration of joy and friendship. An environment of creativity and fun was fostered by Praveen Bhat’s deft leadership and Shanice Shrestha’s contagious energy. Laughter reverberated throughout the settings, and unplanned moments gave the glitzy event a hint of genuineness.

 Shanice Shrestha: The Chic Influencer in Fashion

Digital content guru Shanice Shrestha demonstrated not just her acting skills but also her sense of style. Since starting her digital adventure in 2016, Shanice has emerged as a popular partner for travel companies and, more recently, a trendsetter in the fashion sector.

In September 2022, she made her debut in the fashion industry with the launch of her own apparel line, Shanz & Nikz. Shanice’s transformation into a style icon is aptly captured in the fashion photoshoot with Praveen Bhat, which combines her passion for fashion and creativity.


 The Female Within the Fashion Frame

Shanice Shrestha was born in Mumbai on July 31, 1995, into a Nepali-Christian family. Her journey extends beyond the confines of social media and screens. She attended Carmel of St. Joseph School and graduated with a Bachelor of Mass Media from Mumbai’s St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science, and Commerce. She developed her acting abilities at The ITA School of Performing Arts in Mumbai, which gave her complex character more dimension.



On 30 January 2021, Shanice Shrestha tied the knot with Nikhil Sharma, known as Mumbiker Nikhil, a distinguished Moto vlogger from Mumbai.


Fashion’s Monetary Victories

Beyond artistic endeavors, Shanice Shrestha has achieved financial success. Her life and style are documented on her YouTube channel, “Shanice Shrestha Vlogs,” which brings her Rs 2.4 lakh a month for an annual total of Rs 33 lakh. Shanice, whose net worth is estimated by unidentified sources to be approximately Rs 2.3 crore, has earned a name for herself not just in the lucrative world of fashion but also in the realm of digital content.

Within the dynamic field of fashion photography and digital content development, Shanice Shrestha and Praveen Bhat’s partnership stands out as a superb illustration of the combination of skill and friendship. The resulting pictures inspire potential influencers in addition to captivating with their elegant yet fashionable style.

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