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5 Things We bet You Didn’t Know About Elli Avram


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The oh-so-elegant and extremely dainty Swedish origin actress Elli Avram posed pretty for the Glam & Glaze Cover shot by the talented and veteran fashion photographer Praveen Bhat. We couldn’t stop and stare at this ethereal beauty as she jived sportingly with the team and here we are going to spill a few secrets about this gorgeous lady you never knew. Our exclusive photo-shoot by Praveen Bhat with Elli Avram was all about fun, frolic and sass!


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Elli’s sporting spirit began when she was little. She is a trained figure skater and has learnt since last 8 years from the professionals. We were gasping with awe and wonder!

Innate acting skills

Back in Sweden, Elli has acted in a crime/drama/romance film Förbjuden Frukt and she also played a part in the Swedish TV series, Gomorron Sverige.


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Bollywood Dance Lover

At 17, Elli performed to Bollywood songs all over Scandinavia after she became a part of the Pardesi Dance Group in Stockholm! Girl, you were destined to come here!

Her Idol

She had said in an interview that it was ‘Devdas’ which inspired her to come to Mumbai and pursue a career in Bollywood! Shahrukh and Aishwarya inspire her, and she has always wanted to sing and dance like they did in Devdas. Don’t you love it when dreams come true?

Eternal elegance

This pretty talented lady loves to be called ‘elegant’ over ‘sexy’ and we can’t deny the fact she’s truly very elegant.

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Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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