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Review: Ricoh Theta 360 – Perfect for those who love to experiment

To start with, a sleek and tall camera with 8 GB storage, 100-1600 ISO range clubbed with a lens speed range of 1/8000-1/1.75 seconds that can capture 360 degree area at the touch of a button is definitely a great deal for those to love to capture memories.
The lightweight Ricoh Theta (camera) with rubber body grip makes it a user friendly device that can capture 360 degree representations of the surrounding area and is compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac too.

With in-built Wi-Fi, the 20 pounds gadget is perfect for those who love to experiment. I feel the idea of spherical photo with the push of a button is the real USP of the device and it makes the shoots much more fun and experimental. I am quite frequent with celebrity shoots and this device has helped me to create shots that work as fillers for the promotion videos of the main project and thus gives my work a real edge.

Moreover it is a good option for aspiring photographers to click great shots as there is no need to set a perfect frame as it captures spherical photos, thus, framing isn’t that necessary. The only drawback I felt was that the device displays photos after they are taken, so there is no way to view an image before shooting, and it will certainly disappoint a professional photographer.

If I talk about the structure and specifications, the front of the camera features the lens and shutter button and the back features the other side of the lens.

In a crispy way, the Ricoh Theta creates unique images that is rare and one of its kind. It is an easy-to-carry device that can capture a large area at the push of a single button. Though people might question its usability in the professional context, I being a professional fashion photographer feel that such devices add an edge to our work and are really helpful in the age of internet where people are keeping an eye on us on all the social media channels.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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