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Best DSLR camera for outdoor photography under 50k

Best DSLR camera for outdoor photography under 50 K

An interesting question – Best DSLR camera for outdoor photography ? or whether an expensive camera makes the best photographer?! The answer is definitely NO. It is the photographer who creates the image, not the camera. The art of photography is skilfully executed by the photographer. And so basic range of equipment can work wonders  for the best photographer.

Such basic range equipment includes DSLR photography cameras under 50 K. These are Best photography cameras which are useful in outdoor shoots.

With an umpteen number of DSLR photography cameras available in the market, you are surely spoilt for choice. These interchangeable lens cameras are versatile and hence most popular.

Here we have a list of top five DSLR cameras along with their special features . All in all a complete guide to buying the best  Camera for photography.

While buying the best camera for outdoor photography you can pick from entry segment compact DSLR to professional range full frame cameras. You don’t need to spend a fortune enjoying photography with DSLR. These less expensive options are equally good.


LIST OF Best DSLR camera for outdoor photography in India :


Nikon D5600~ This is the best DSLR under Rs.50,000. Though a bit pricey, it has all the features a DSLR should have- Large size sensor, snap Bridge and easy to use user interface. With a light and compact body and high ISO range this is the best DSLR under 50 K and an excellent option for outdoor photography.



Canon EOS 800 D

Canon EOS 800 DWith numerous features, this is again one more good DSLR for outdoor photography. Pleasing overall image quality, electronic movie stabilisation, all cross type 45 AF points, quick control button for quick settings, user friendly interface and depth of field preview button.

This is The best camera for shooting video under 50 K. Video is what makes 800 DO based Canon DSLR under 50 K. Also this is a beginner friendly camera and a true photographer camera.




Canon EOS 200 D11 or 250 D

Canon EOS 200 D11 or 250 D. It’s 4K video feature and a better clarity makes it the best DSLR camera under 50 K. While considering best DSLR for outdoor photography, don’t miss this one. Travellers, families, first time photographers who have a limited budget but don’t want to compromise On quality. Also Those who want to explore photography and learn basics of photography



Canon EOS 750D

Canon EOS 750DCanon 750 D captures stunning images  effortlessly for it provided price, hence best budget DSLR under 50 K. We can take high-resolution and vivid images with the perfect exposure and auto white balance with no editing required.



Nikon D 3500

Nikon D 3500- It has less features than above cameras but it is a best photographer camera under 40 K. It has 24MP high-resolution sensor. This camera is ideal for lowlight conditions. It gives great results in  natural light for outdoor photography.



Depending on your need you can choose from the above cameras which are all photographer cameras under 50 K.

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