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Types of fashion photography

Types of fashion photography

Types of fashion photography : Fashion photography is a popular and sought-after profession these days. Photographers with a creative bent of mind are lured towards the diverse scope of fashion photography.

The fashion industry is a vast sector that holds various aspects like production, design, sales et cetera and they all use photography in some way or another. So the scope of fashion photography is equally vast.

Types of fashion photography


The best fashion photographer in Delhi/NCR guides young aspiring photographers on various types of fashion photography.

The expertise he has in various types of photography is evident in his work. Praveen Bhat, the best fashion photographer, is known for his versatile skills of photography-


High fashion photography

Of all the genres of fashion photography, high fashion photography is the most blatant and high profile of all. It is all about showcasing the products and styles from various fashion houses.

The top fashion photographer in Delhi with a creative bent of mind, promotes avant-garde the ideas of high fashion photography. Praveen Bhat stars celebrity models, famous TV and Bollywood actors, sportsperson for his Shoot. He works in unison with make up artist, hairstylists to give a complete makeover to the models. Models are given an atypical look with unusual make up, unconventional dress styles and quirky props.

The best fashion photographer in Delhi excels in his this high budget and high-quality production.

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Editorial photography –

A viewer mostly relates to this type of photography. It is similar to lifestyle photography, where fashion worn by the model is most likely to be used. It is featured in books, fashion magazines, newspapers.


Through editorial shoots the best fashion photographer in Delhi tells a story of the product or brand. He gives a narrative of the product. Style, make up, hair of the model apart from location and props are very important for the shoot. Every thing is streamlined to convey a message.

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Catalogue photography –

This is the simplest of all types of photography. It is similar to product photography but with the presence of a model. Attention is laid on products rather than model.


The best Fashion photographer in Delhi presents apparel and jewellery in a neutral setting in regular wear. Simple styles, plain background and straight shots are the key features. Catalogue photography holds most commercial and e-commerce photography. This is the best type of photography for beginners to sharpen their skills in fashion photography world.

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Street fashion photography –

Street fashion photography is the photography of real world. This is the most relatable type of fashion photography. It includes items that customers wear on daily basis – jeans, shirts, Suits et cetera. It captures products that are popular among general public. It includes clothes that are attractive and yet comfortable. It could include candid, natural shots or staged photo shoots that are close to every day wear.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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