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Sejal Kumar Photoshoot

Sejal Kumar Photoshoot with BestFashion Photographer

Sejal kumar photoshoot with best indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat . Sejal is one of the top  Indian YouTube personality and video blogger.  She started her  career on YouTube around  2014. With all her amazing content and fashion statement , she has more than million subscribers and over 199 million views overall .

Sejal Kumar photoshoot


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Sejal Kumar new photoshoot

Sejal Kumar Achievements :

Sejal is one of the youngest indian youtubers and have achieved a lot as an influencer

  • Sejal Kumar won the Best Vlog Award 2018 in the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018
  • Sejal has been awarded as  Best Youth Influencer Award by Women of Steel Summit and Awards
  • Instagram also recognised Sejal’s work and has awarded her with the Fashion Account of the year 2018
  • Sejal won the Exhibit Magazine Award of Top 5000 Influencers 2019
  • Sejal won the Instagrammer of the Year for Fashion

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indian YouTuber sejal kumar \ sejal kumar instagram

What is a YOUTUBER ? A YouTuber, also known as a Digital content creator, social media Creator or YouTube famous personality, is a type of videographer who creates videos or vlog for the YouTube platform,oce you are a name and have a decent following  , you tubers get sponsors who pay pay them for endorsing brands in their clips or production of online videos. These creators are also known as influencers as they have a huge following and can influence by their network . The content they post often consists of, vlogging, gaming, roleplay, singing, and many more other types of content. They are popular on Yt and also on instagram .

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sejal kumar blogger

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“Had an awesome time shooting with this Diva”  – says top indian fashion Photographer Praveen Bhat . Please check out the video link below  to see the full behind the scenes video of the photoshoot . To book your photoshoot with us wtsap at 9810552122 or chk our official website .

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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