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Qualities of best fashion photographer

Qualities of best fashion photographer

Fashion photography is the biggest and most varied field of photography. Best fashion photographer shoot a wide range of fashion photos including clothing, footwear, jewellery, celebrities, products and more.

Being a good fashion photographer is more than just owning the best apparatus and knowing your gear well . Best fashion photographer sees beauty through his lens and captures it in the most aesthetic way.

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So what are the qualities of a good fashion photographer?

Praveen Bhat, top Fashion photographer in Delhi shares some qualities of the best fashion photographer –


Loving attention to detail –. Meticulousness and love for detail is the first and foremost quality of a good photographer. He should make sure that elements of lighting, background, angle, subject and the whole Composition should work in a perfect harmony. All para metres should fit perfectly to get a perfect click. The best photographer in Delhi pays utmost attention to the key elements –




*Background, location

*Hair and make up

Even a trivial mistake can hamper a great click. Fashion photography is all about detailing and creativity. So the task of a good fashion photographer is manifold in terms of compiling all elements together to get the best picture.

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A creative mind –. Fashion photography is an art and your model is a canvas.The creative and imaginative mind of a good fashion photographer can transform the ordinary to extraordinary.


Varied angles and playful props along with a suitable backdrop – the photographer can create a great composition with his artistic bent of mind.

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Choosing your fashion stylist. – Clothes are the core component of fashion photography. So the role of a fashion stylist is quite important. A stylist will plan out fits for the shoot and decide model’s look according to the theme of the shoot. Advice from a good stylist and working in cooperation with him is important.


Passion. – You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive and the focus… Best fashion photographer in Delhi is passionate about his career and that shines in his work. His passion for photography sets him apart from the rest. Hard work and effort along with Fondness for a career goes a long way in creating masterpieces. So, being fond of his job is an innate quality of a good fashion photographer.

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Good social skills. – Fashion photography demands interaction and communication with clients, models, crew members and others. So being diligent with good networking skills is an essential requirement. You should be able to make your models comfortable to get the right expressions and looks from them. On a shoot, the whole team – models, hairstylist, fashion stylist, make up artist need to work in unison. As a leader it is your responsibility to maintain good communication.


best fashion photographer in delhi
best fashion photographer in delhi

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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