Portrait photography in India

Portrait photography in India

Portrait photography in India

Portrait photography in India is the art of capturing the personality of a model by effective use of lighting, backdrops and poses.

Portrait photography in india


Best photographers in the India capture the personality and emotion of people around them. Praveen Bhat, India best photographer, skilfully handles his lens to shoot beautiful portraits and at the same time adds versatility to his portraits to get off beat pictures.

A benchmark name in portrait photography in India, Praveen Bhat uses best camera settings to take portrait photography to next level.

Here are some tips by India Best photographer

Portrait photography in india


Choose the right background. – That is equally important in portrait photography. Usually for India best photography a neutral and un cluttered background is preferred. This keeps focus on the subject. A distracting background takes away viewers attention. Erstwhile you can also choose interesting backdrops like coloured walls, fences, textures et cetera to make the subject stand out. An object in the background is also a good idea for portrait photography in India.


Prepare your model and yourself well. – The model should be relaxed, comfortable and in high spirits for India best photography. The best photographer in India makes the atmosphere Comfortable by making a small talk. He explains what kind of short he would like and is open for suggestions from the model as well. The photographer does his homework as well. He prepares his camera set up and takes test shots in advance before final takes.

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Well guided posing techniques. – Best photographer in the India works professionally giving clear instructions to the models. He is calm and confident and smooth throughout the shoot. The model is given crisp and clear instructions on posing. He explores various techniques of posing including sitting poses, standing poses, hand placements, leg positions and so on. He shoots from unusual perspectives like very low or very high to bring variety in portrait photography in India.


Playing with props-. Props enhance the shoot by creating a theme and highlighting the subject in his own way. It adds that special touch to the shoot. Any thing from simple flowers, to instruments, to a hat, glasses and more. Best photographers in India play with props to create a marked Difference in the end.

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Role of lighting.-Dedicated studio lighting or natural daylight play a major role in the quality of India best photography. Interplay of light and shadow and using soft light gives good results. Facing slightly towards the light works wonders for portrait photography.


Capturing the expression. India best photographer skilfully catches the expressions of the model. Display of emotions in a playful manner brings variety to the pictures. The photographer brings life and realism to the portrait with his knack on catching varied expressions. This brings vibrance to the shoot!

Portrait photography


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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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