Best portrait photographer in India

Best portrait photographer in India

Best portrait photographer in India

Most striking portraits are those which break the rules. And when the best portrait photographer In India has a camera in his hand, he knows no fear.


Praveen Bhat is a benchmark name in portrait photography. He skilfully handles his lens to shoot beautiful portraits and also adds randomness to his portrait photography to get off beat pictures.


The best Portrait photographer in India shares simple tips to take ultimate shots –


Framing~ Praveen Bhat uses the technique of framing very well. Framing draws one’s attention to the focus point of the image. It gives depth to the picture. Several props are used to enhance the depth of the image in framing.

Best portrait photographer in India


Experimenting with the background~ The key to variation is experimentation. The best portrait photographer in India plays with the background to make his subject really stand out. Be it a minimalistic backdrop or a dramatic background; the photographer successfully alters the mood of the shot by choosing different backgrounds.

Best portrait photographer in India


Click at an angle! ~ The portrait photographer adds fun and a little Spice to his shots by tilting his lens at an angle. Straight forward horizontal and vertical shorts are not always the best option. He brings energy to his pictures with tilted frames.


Catch the expressions~ The skill of portrait photography is quite evident in pictures taken by India’s best portrait photographer. He catches the expressions of the subject and makes a perfect image. He plays with the emotions to get a myriad of expressions.

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Props can work wonders~ Clever introduction of a prop creates a story and gives depth to the actual subject. Interesting images can be created this way and the shot is enhanced.

Best portrait photographer in India


Candid delight~ The best portrait photographer in India strikes a perfect balance between his posed and candid shots. Sometimes a candid approach brings more life and realism to a portrait. So why not try some vibrance!?

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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