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Tips for photographing using a mobile on a vacation

Vacations are the most precious and worthy moments spent with your family and friends, a break away from the regular chaos and daily monotony. So, when packing your bags, DSLR’s are the most obvious option yet very space-taking. We totally nudge your case and hence, this blog will help you how to take some memorable captures from your phone. Of course, a smartphone comes to the rescue with just a little tips and tricks to follow.

Say yes to Monochromes

Add a touch of timeless feel to your pictures with a beautiful black and white effect. This will help accentuate the emotion, environment and expressions of the subject.

Capture sunrise or sunset silhouettes

Rise up with the sun even if it might be a tough task because the lightning is beyond words during sunrise and it will help you snap some amazing memories. Capture the fun, playful silhouettes of your friends and family members in the shadows of sun while you enjoy basking in the lap of nature.

Talk about background

Don’t just get too busy taking close-ups that you forget to capture the entire beauty of the scenic landscape. Take a step back and freeze the whole panoramic image.

Slay the Candid’s

What if you ain’t carrying DSLR, Candid shots are the most natural yet unnerving moments. Snap individuals or group especially during happy or tense times to clearly capture the essence of the emotions.

Add a pop of color

Define your pictures using an element to notch up the quirk quotient of your picture. You can use bright balloons or Moroccan lamps, fruity popsicles etc. to enhance the pictures.

Use Apps to bring life to your pictures

Apps like 360 Panaroma are sure to give a mesmerizing feel to your picture. Make sure you use your apps judiciously and give it a whole new meaning.

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