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How to Look More Stylish and Fashionable?

Elite Eight- How to Look Stylish and Fashionable

Surprise, surprise!!! This is for my female followers. Well to be frank, I am not a fashion follower, but with my experience behind the lens have taught me so much that I thought, I should share it with you all. Being fashionable is not a rocket science, just be a little observant and wear what you love. Here are some minute details that can keep you stylish and fashionable.

Go vintage


Did you witness the recent wave of fashion that is all going retro and vintage? If not, then have a look and try to add it to your wardrobe. Right from the glasses to wedges, the trend offers so much to explore. Those shimmer garbs are back with a bang. Go on!!!

Layer it on

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With winters around the corner, I suggest to turn fashion onion. Layer yourself with shades and textures and let each one stand for itself. From jacket to scarf and from boots to belt, create a perfect balance. Don’t worry, you won’t look like an advertisement poster, until and unless you over do. Let the minimal make-up be your look of the day.

Statement sign


It can be leather or embellished jacket, a loud ear cuff or even a palm cuff.  Statement piece not just brings attention to your look, but at the same time it is powering for a daily ready-to-work look. You need not to dress up wao every day. Put on your daily wear and create a magic with any of the statement piece.  And if you dare to be different try to play with just one earring.

Big and small theory

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Try out that extra large t-shirt of your boyfriend and pair it with your cut-off shorts or hot pant.  Proportion and contrast play a crucial role in contemporary fashion and to make best out of it, try to play the game of small and big. Tune one small piece with a bigger one and create your own style trend

Crop culture


Yes ‘it’ is in. Whether it’s a crop top flaunting your midriff or a crop pant showing off your ankle tattoo, it’s a trend falling in place for past 2 years.  All you need to take care is of your skin show, the midriff should be toned enough and the ankle needs to be clean.

Shoulder it right

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A girl’s day out is complete without a perfect bag to shoulder.  With end number of options in the market, you can select according to your style of the day, but be careful about carrying them. If you don’t know how to carry it well, it might destroy the look.  So, shoulder it correct.

Denim on denim


Gone are the days when wearing denim with denim was a faux pas, all thanks for celebrity spotting. Now you too can flaunt your denim wardrobe altogether at the same point of time. Pair a micro mini with a sleeveless denim jacket spiced with a plain white top. It looks chic and clear.

Fasten it


I never knew that belt can be as important for women wardrobe as a style piece. Fasten it perfect with your maxi dress, single dresses or with the denims, it works as a simple tool to enhance your look. From sleek to giant, market caters all the shapes and sizes to fit in your wardrobe

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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