How to become a model

11 Tips How to become a High End Fashion model ?

Models who are at the top of the Fashion Industry make the most money. Being a successful high-end fashion model requires more than just good looks. Here are few tips for all you upcoming models in 2017

1)  Make sure about the requirements. Min Height for girls 5’7” and above & male models 6’ and above.

2) Have an appropriate modeling agency. Be careful of scams, make proper investigations before signing up with a casting / modeling agency.

3) Don’t give up just because an agency or coordinator rejects you. You may be very deserving or good-looking but when certain requirements don’t fit in, you won’t be selected.

4) Make connections as much as you can, look presentable all the time.

5) Have a backup plan. Make sure you have a degree in hand, modeling / acting should go side by side till you make it big.

6) Keep your skin clear. Eat healthy and exercise.

7) Be confident. You should have an outrageous personality. Remember there are loads and loads of people around you aiming for the same spot.

8) Don’t be late. When you are going for auditions and meetings.

9) Test shoots – try and do as many as you can, it helps you create your portfolio and look book.

10) Try and create a professional Portfolio by renowned fashion Photographer, who can help you quality pix and can also help you with the leads.

11) If you are under 18, consult your parents.

Be very careful; don’t loose your confidence if you don’t become a High-end fashion model. There are many other types of modeling you can select from – commercial modeling, print modeling etc.

Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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  1. Sandeep

    06 Jan 2017 - 9:03 am

    Thankyou so much Praveen sir for giving the inspiration to upcoming models and for all these helpful tips to become an successful model in the fashion industry.

  2. Ashutosh singh

    14 Apr 2019 - 7:30 am

    What are the requirements for applying for peter england mr india compitition??

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