Hi fashion photo shoot by top fashion photographer of India

The best thing to wear for a high fashion photo shoot is your ATTITUDE. And with celebrity photographer Praveen Bhat behind the lens, the result is awesome.
The most successful high fashion photographer in India promotes avant- garde ideas of photography along with a distinctive sense of styling and striking colour contrasts in his pics.

Models are given an atypical look with unusual make up, unconventional dress styles and quirky props.

The ace photographer works in unison with remarkable make up artists. Models are given a complete makeover highlighting bold colour contrast —for example black dress with white eyebrows; or an off white attire contrasting with black lipstick. Flaunting off beat Jewellery accentuates the bold and striking appearance, raising the effect of simple elements to a new high.

How the top fashion photographer uses lighting and background in his photo shoot is interesting. Interplay of natural light and shadows is done to create a gorgeous effect. He uses stark colour contrast for a dramatic look and subtle flowing hues for an amalgamating look.

Proficient in high glamour photo shoot, Praveen Bhat creates eye-catching images with glamorous dresses and fanciful props.

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Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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