Fashion through the lense of Praveen Bhat

Praveen Bhatt needs no introduction, he is has been photographing fashion since 2008 and is considered to be the best fashion photographer in India. Back when Praveen started fashion photography, he got his first gig with a global brand Ritu Wears from where he went up the ladder to become one of the best fashion photographer in India and has worked with multiple advertisement companies and editorials. Praveen brings fashion to life through his photographs, his creative conceptualization and skills make it even more desirable for models to earn a place in his portfolio.

Brands Praveen has worked with:

Praveen Bhatt being the best fashion photographer in India is a hit among fashion brands, advertisers and marketers because they love the quality and creativity Praveen offers. In the past 10 years, Praveen has worked with multiple domestic and foreign brands and delivered them great results. Some of the brands Praveen has worked with are, Malabar Gold, Liberty Shoes, Gravireia, Meena Bazaar, Lotto, HCL Avitas,  Alberto Torresi, CLE India, and Satya Paul magazine shoots etc. After working with these brands, Praveen has gained a significant experience in fashion photography over the years and worked his way up to become the best fashion photographer in India.

Celebrities Praveen has worked with.

Praveen’s talent and skills at photography has made him the best fashion photographer in India and brands are not the only one which he has conducted photoshoot for.. He has conducted photoshoots of many celebrities like Sunny Leone, Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Urvashi Rautela, Kalki Koechlin, Diljit Dosanjh, Gautam Gulati, Gracy Singh, Manj Musik and many more. His work has been praised by a lot of celebrities who loves to work with him and consider him to be the best fashion photographer in India.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Editorial Shoot with Praveen Bhat

Praveen’s Studio in Noida, Delhi NCR.

Every good photographer needs a great studio tricked out with all the bells and whistles to shoot professional photographs, and guess what? Praveen has a fully equipped fashion photography studio in Noida where he conducts portfolio shoots and other campaigns. Praveen’s studio lives up to the mark of his name as the best fashion photographer in India because Praveen has equipped it with great lighting, props, cameras, changing room, makeup room etc. He has a dedicated team to help him during photoshoots and assist the models in getting prepared for the shoot. All this and more makes Praveen the best fashion photographer in India,

Budding models from all over India come to Praveen’s photo studio to get their portfolios shot by the best fashion photographer in India who also gives them the guidance they need in their career.  Praveen shoot great portfolios of these budding models and being the best fashion photographer in India guides them on how to get started with things. His studio in Noida is also where all the background work like editing and customizing of pictures, booking of photoshoots and delivering of photos is done.

Informative Resources for Fashion Models by Praveen.

Praveen has been in the fashion industry since a long time, he has worked hard and gained experience and knowledge in the field which is why he considered to be the best fashion photographer in India. Now when Praveen has some significant information, he aims to use it for helping aspiring fashion models and other trying to get into the fashion industry.

Where can you find these resources by the best fashion photographer in India?

Youtube. (Praveen Bhat Photography)

Video is the most exciting and interactive platform for sharing informative and entertaining content these days, therefore Praveen started a dedicated Youtube Channel ( Praveen Bhat Photography ) Go check it out for some tips from the best fashion photographer in India.

Praveen’s Youtube Channel is where he shares his bit of knowledge with aspiring models and photographers who want to become the best fashion photographer in India, so that they may choose the right path and be able to help themselves. Praveen is a firm believer in the quote, “we rise by lifting others” and in spite of being called the best fashion photographer in India loves to share his secrets and tips with others so they may also move ahead in life.

Some important topics covered by Praveen on his Youtube Channel –

  1. Portfolio Tips for Male Models.
  2. Guide to become a Fashion Model in India.
  3. Modeling Tips.
  4. How much money do Models make?
  5. How to become a model in India?

Praveen’s mentor and his passion for Fashion Photography.

Praveen learned the art of photography from Mr Amitabh Bhattacharya 10 years ago. Today Praveen is one of the best fashion photographers in India and the little success he has achieved in his career was due to the solid foundation which his mentor provided him.

After so many years of working with celebrities and brands, Praveen’s passion for photography is undying and he is only looking forward to making himself better each day and achieving new milestones. Praveen’s passion for creating magic through photography is also one of the reasons why Praveen is said to be the best fashion photographer in India.

Aspiring photographers who seek to become the best fashion photographer in India look up to Praveen as a role model and trendsetter. The fashion industry is no good if there are no great photographer to shoot, and Praveen is the best fashion photographer in India, aiming to put India on the world fashion timeline.

Recipe of a great photoshoot.

Praveen believes that a good fashion photoshoot is dependent on many elements. There are a lot of factors that play an important role in conducting a great photoshoot. Apart from the general tips like have the proper lighting, proper clothes, proper setting of the frame etc,

Praveen lay emphasis on the connection between the model and the photographer. He believes that there should be a healthy interaction between the model and the photographer between the photoshoot so that they can exchange feedback and get the best results. This advice is often overlooked but now since it is coming from the best fashion photographer in India, we hope you keep it in mind.

Praveen also believes that a fashion photographer should have some knowledge about fashion to understand and conceptualize better. He has been working with many editorials who trust his knowledge about fashion and photography and consider him to be the best fashion photographer in India.

Why do you need a great photoshoot?

If you are a budding model, a great portfolio photoshoot can really be the game changer for you. It can help you get recognition amongst modeling agencies and designers.

A great portfolio book can also take you a long way in your career if it can capture the attention of the people you need. Praveen Bhat has created portfolios of many models who are now working as a full-time model with designers and other apparel companies, who could be better than the best fashion photographer in India to get your portfolio done.

If you are a company selling apparels, getting a photoshoot done by the best fashion photographer in India can help you attract more customers.

Author Info

Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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