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How to Become Best Fashion Photographer in India ?

Best Fashion Photographer India ? Sounds energising? S0 you dream of cruising around on yachts for model photography, shooting in the Caribbean or Tahiti, or possibly London with your preferred model are advantages of the activity, isn’t that so? How fun it must be to shoot models for Best calendar photoshoot ! Who wouldn’t have any desire to make a trip to outlandish districts and make a fortune while working with and get to know the most excellent ladies on the planet?

Best Fashion Photographer in india



Everything recorded above—while conceivable—isn’t actually what we do. I know, I know. It would seem that that in the motion pictures and on TV. Also, indeed, before COVID19 started I was in Paris, Canada, and Dubai  taking photos photo with beautiful models. Be that as it may, it isn’t so straightforward or everybody would do it, correct? Right! You need to follow your passion to become a photographer .

Sharing few ideas below to become Best Fashion Photographer in India

follow these simple steps

1) Best Fashion Photographer India – LEARN BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS

Take some essential courses in photography so you can comprehend the elements of a camera. Clear you basic knowledge to turn from a basic photographer to best photography expert.


Glance through the fashion magazines that you need to be in and study their styles. In time you’ll have the option to shoot just as the picture takers in the magazines . People who are looking for photo studio near me , might come to you directly .At the point when you’re prepared, present your best photographer work  to the editors of these magazines. You ‘ll discover their contact information in the initial scarcely any pages of the magazine.


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Go out and take photos photo of models. There are numerous sites out there that have models who are prepared to shoot with you and who live in your general vicinity. Start with a web search to discover model sites. The more you shoot with Indian models , the more experience you will gain to handle models and clients .

Best Fashion Photographer India 

After you become happy with taking pictures of aspiring male female indian models and have some incredible photos in your book. Approach Best Modeling Agency by calling them or sending an email and approach to shoot their models for their portfolios. You might have the option to shoot their models for nothing—or maybe even get paid during the time spent doing as such.



At the point when you first beginning shooting, it’s anything but difficult to fall into the snare of duplicating different photographers and attempting to copy there style .  there is no harm in it . Loads of photographers and artist gets inspired from work done by others . Then transform from beginner photographer to best Fashion Photographer India

After you’re finished practicing, getting inspired from other best fashion photographer in India work . Work hard and start shooting what you like . What ever genre of photographer you are , Fashion photographer , nature photographer or in wedding photography . Create your own style  abundantly.

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Buy 2-3 minimum required lenses. Try not to over spend in gears when you starting your career . Play with natural light. Tackle that power. It’s the best light accessible before investing a huge amount in setting up your own studio and become the best fashion photographer in india .

Once done  you will wind up working in the studio, also. Get a couple of value lights.

A short time later, center around the art of photography. Man made the image and the image made the man.


6) Continue SHOOTING

The street to turning into best  fashion photographer can be a long one. Try not to surrender. Shoot first and foremost as a pastime in the entirety of your extra time. Make as frequently as possible. The experience will be important.

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7) Connect

Portrait photography profession requires a  system and keep up associations with individuals in the business. Networking plays a very important role for every one in the best photography business . Form  fashion photographer , designers , indian makeup artist , & fashion editors can be discovered on the web. It might take some burrowing, however interpersonal organizations have a huge amount of assets to help you in your journey to become Best Fashion Photographer India

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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