Sheer Beauty

Photography is not only my profession; it is my passion as well. Shooting with celebrities, models, brands have become a usual thing for me now. Recently I had an indoor shoot with a model. The shoot was a close up shoot which focused only her face. The makeup done was very raunchy and edgy. It undoubtedly highlighted all her features very beautifully.

beauty photography


Being a professional fashion photographer I like playing with different angles, color and light of course. Just as the transparent object, you all can see that the makeup shown is also very sheer and crystal clear.



We all know that red is the new black, so red lip color was definitely a big highlight on her face. Her eyes were kept nude with simple golden eye-shadow. Beauty and makeup shoots are always exciting and thrilling for me as it is really very important to take the photographs from the right angle. If not taken from the right angle the whole shoot can be a blunder.
So friends, have a look at the pictures and please share your views as well.





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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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