Advertising shoot

Advertising shoot for SRS jewelry brand.


Cosset your beauty with these exotic jewelry pieces!!! These were the words that stroke my mind as and when I landed in the studio to shoot SRS jewelry brand.

Splashed with glaze, glitter and glamour the collection spoke of the beautiful marriage between intricate detailing, superlative craftmanship spiced with genuine dimaonds and precious stones. For me shooting a product range is a tedious job because there you need to focus on the design USP of the brand and that has to flow through the entire shoot.





As I started with SRS product shoot, for me, the products turned out to be the real model worth capturing. That doesn’t mean the models were inferior. As a pefect blend of craft and sophistication, the minute detailing pushed me to experiment with shots to bring out the best and at the same time keep the visibility of models alive to give life to the products. With jewelry shoot, oen thing that I alwys try to incorporate is the emotional angle because it gives a soul to my work and hences it becomes easy for the customers to relate to it.




The enrich collection of SRS had flavors of bridal and contemporary designs, so to balance emotions and practicality in the shoot was an exciting challenge for me, which I think my dedicated team helped me to achieve without compromising at any point right from conceptualizing the shoot ti its execution. And yes special credits for my fantastic models who know how to play emotions with correct timing. So before you step out to own any of these pieces, please leave your comment about my photography (the good and bad) you feel to share. I will be eagerly waiting.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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