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Advertising shoot for SLG Jewellers

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Jewellery shoot is an integral part of fashion photography these days. My recent shoot with SLG Jewellers reminded me of the festival time that is at the door, but interestingly, for me my passion for fashion and advertisement photography makes the life a colorful festival every day. SLG’s latest collection is also about celebrating life blended with intricate design pattern of the label and human relations. The first view of the new collection gave me the idea of working together with both the gender, where the SLG jewels stood as the common string elaborated with glitter, shine and color. As a fashion photographer, my motive was to let the human body and design details of the brand work without distracting it with outlandish clothes. The natural clothes also worked as an emotional soul connection between the models and the feel of jewelleries provided a deep connection between the human soul and design philosophy of the label.


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Advertisement photography is not just about portraying the product in positive light, but also to make a connection between the viewer and the brand. In this shoot, keeping the festive feel in mind, I have tried to play more with intense human emotions that the product range of SLG has worked as a common string.

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The idea of bringing both the genders together spells equality, generosity and simplicity the life offers and how the talent of creativity beautifies it with colors of emotions embellished in precious stones.
This festive season SLG Jewellers takes a leap to create jewelleries that are not just symbol of celebrating womanhood but an art that reclaims and redefines human relations, where both the soul unify and shine conjointly. The color palette of the product range made me to keep the background subtle and simple so that the detailing is easily visible and there is no distraction.

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Once again have made an attempt to do justice with my lens and the products. Hope you all like it, eagerly waiting for your feedback and suggestions. Till next update, keep following the space and happy festive time!!!

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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