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Ad Shoot for Ubon with actor Milind Gaba – Advertising Photographer in India


‘Style complimented Style!’ this time in the studios of the best advertising photographer in India. The ad shoot of Ubon head phones with celebrity actor/ singer Milind Gaba, was one of Praveen Bhat’s most breezy and spirited advertising photography venture.

The Punjabi gabru flaunted these spunky Ubon headphones effortlessly. Milind oozed grace and confidence in the cool denim shots. A guitar with the headphones completed his celebrity singer tag. Bold colours and leather jacket flattered his Punjabi Swag!

Striking solid coloured backdrops perfected that punchy peppy effect best for this gadget. The flawless charm which Milind exudes while adorning Ubon headphones make them a must add on in one’s gadget list.

What a shoot it was! Another feather in his cap.

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Praveen Bhat is celebrity fashion photographer and director based in New Delhi.

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